Matthew Thane (Alleged killer drove 1,700 miles) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Matthew Thane (Alleged killer drove 1,700 miles) Biography, Wiki

Matthew Thane, 18, was shot and killed at his home in Flower Mound, California, early Tuesday morning by a man in a helmet
Flower Mound police found Matthew Thane dead from a gunshot wound outside his residence early Tuesday morning and launched an investigation that quickly identified a 23-year-old man from Pleasanton, California, as a possible suspect, linking him to the murder with data from his cell phone, according to the Mercury News.
The 1,700 miles of police in two jurisdictions are looking at whether a dispute during an online game caused a Californian man to go to Texas to kill an 18-year-old man and then return to the home where he killed him for 72 hours. Çiçek Mound Police Department said the period.
Pleasanton officers, including a SWAT team and two Flower Mound detectives who came to California to help, surrounded the suspect’s home at around 11:00 pm. Wednesday night. When they entered the house, they found the suspect dead from his own gunshot wound.
Flower Mound police said that some evidence gathered in the suspect’s home linked him to Thane’s death, and more information would be released when they confirm that the suspect was the man who killed Thane. They said that the investigators had examined the evidence found in the house and that the Alameda County Forensic Office conducted an autopsy. Authorities did not reveal the suspect’s name, but said they believed he and Thane met through online play.
Police spokesperson Captain Shane Jennings said that the idea that the attack was caused by a game dispute is only “a theory”, but detectives will learn more when they access data from both Thane’s and the suspect’s gaming devices.
An official from the Bay Area police told Mercury News that the suspect set a propane tank on fire outside Thane’s house and shot him when he got out.

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Pleasanton Police Department assisted with the investigation and detectives obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s home. They attempted to serve the warrant on Wednesday night, police said.
Police said they believe that the suspect took his own life while police were attempting to get the suspect to leave the residence.
Isla Atlamirano of Dallas said she did not know Thane personally, but she did know him through the gaming community as well.
“A lot of people that did know him in the Call of Duty community knew of him, or know him. They were just shocked to see that happen in just like 12 hours. He was just streaming on Twitch the night before,” Altamirano. “None of us really know the true motive, but it’s just sad to see.”
As police continue to search for a motive, Capt. Jennings urged caution while online.
“I think it’s safe to say in the technology-driven world that we are in today and especially amongst COVID and how everybody is spending more time at home and on computers, that you really can’t use enough caution that you really know who you’re dealing with, who you’re speaking to,” Jennings said. “Just to guard yourself, not to provide people too much information on who you are and who you’re communicating with at all times. That really goes for any of us.”
The suspect’s identity and official cause of death has not been released by the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau.