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Who is Matthew Doloff? (Pinkerton detective) Biography, Wikipedia, Age, 9News-TV, Lee Keltner Shooting

Matthew Doloff Wikipedia

Matthew Doloff Wikipedia – Matthew Doloff BIo

Matthew Dolloff is a 30-year-old Colorado man accused of shooting a right-wing protester in Denver while guarding a local television news crew. Reports indicate that he was not licensed to work as a security guard.


Matthew Dolloff worked as an agency employee hired by 9News-TV

Matthew Dolloff, who was identified as a Pinkerton Detective Agency employee hired by 9News-TV after the shooting on Saturday afternoon on October 9, does not have a required municipal license to work security in the mile-long city. height, KCNC-TV reported Sunday.


“We searched our records and there is no record of an active security guard licensed now or ever for an individual named Matthew Dolloff,” Eric Escudero, a spokesman for the Denver Department of Tax and Licensing, told KCNC reporter Andrea Flores.


“If she was operating as a security guard, she was breaking the law,” Escudero added. According to the city agency, a person operating as a security guard without a license could face a fine of up to $ 999 and a year in jail, and the company that hires the guard could be held liable, the outlet said.


Matthew Dolloff, Shooting Demonstrator Lee Keltner


Dolloff was charged with suspicion of first degree murder in the shooting death of protester Lee Keltner, a local hat maker who participated in the right-wing “Patriot Rally” in the city on Saturday.


Keltner, a military veteran, was seen in photos and on video arguing with several Black Lives Matter protesters who clashed with rally participants shortly after 3:30 p.m. in the courtyard of the Denver Art Museum, police said.


Keltner was shot and killed after spraying what appears to be pepper spray at Dolloff, who dropped the gun and knelt to surrender when police entered after the shooting.