Who is Matthew Beyer? (‘Dad’ refuses to admit guilt after police find his 2 children stabbed) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Matthew Beyer? (‘Dad’ refuses to admit guilt after police find his 2 children stabbed) Biography, Wiki

A Wisconsin man Matthew Beyer behind bars for murder pleaded not guilty in court this week and claims he never harmed his two young children.
Matthew Beyer, 36, entered a not guilty plea Monday in an Appleton courtroom, to two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, AP reports.
William Beyer, 5, and Danielle Beyer, 3, passed away in February of “murder violence.” The incident occurred on the upper floor of a duplex in Kaukauna off Cooks Boulevard. Police were warned of the incident when the children’s mother called 911 and claimed that “her children needed help.”
On arrival, the authorities found both children “intentionally injured”. It was announced that both children later died.
Fox 11 News reported that the parents of children who had an undoubtedly volatile relationship were scheduled to appear in family court on the day the children passed away.
Security cameras and witness accounts indicated that someone who complied with Beyer’s description was seen in the children’s home on the day in question.
In an interview with investigators, Beyer claimed that she was not in Kaukana in February and had not been there for months. When a detective informed him that his children were dead, he allegedly showed “little emotion”.
Det. Krueger reported that he had reported Matthew Beyer death and had little emotional response to Matthew Beyer’s learning of the deaths of his young children.
Det. Krueger reported that he made many death reports and found Matthew’s callousness extremely unusual, particularly that the death report was related to his two children. ”
In the next interview in June, it was alleged that Beyer changed her story and said that she went to Kaukana in February but did not go to her children’s home.
However, a witness told them that Beyer would use a screwdriver to pierce the throat so that they could not scream or cut it using a sharp pocket knife, “if he had done it, he would cut it off using a sharp pocket knife.
The witness also said that Beyer was upset that he was paying alimony and that he “did not even believe that he was his father”.
According to the autopsy report, Danielle was stabbed in the neck five times and William was stabbed eight times in her neck and head.
On Monday, Judge Mark McGinnis approved that the children’s bodies be left to their mother, who would cremate them.

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