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Masazo Nonaka Wiki: Masazo Nonaka Ashoro, Hokkaido, July 25, 1905 to January 20, 2019, He was a Japanese super-dueling. Masazo Nonaka was the oldest living man in Japan/world since the death of the 112-year-old Masamitsu Yoshida and since the death of the 113-year-old Francisco Núñez Olivera from Spain, also the oldest man in the world.

Death and cause

The most seasoned living man Masazo Nonaka Died calmly Sunday morning in his home … at 113 years of age.

Masazo Nonaka was conceived in 1905. To place this in setting, it’s when Albert Einstein divulged to the world his hypothesis of relativity.

Discussing relativity … Masazo Nonaka was moderately free. He utilized a wheelchair to get around and delighted in perusing papers and wandering out to an adjacent spring shower once every week. He additionally adored eating desserts toward the finish of a dinner.

His granddaughter stated, “We feel stunned at the loss of this huge figure. Masazo Nonaka was, as normal yesterday and passed away without causing our family any object whatsoever.”

Masazo Nonaka doesn’t hold the Guinness World Record ever … the most established living man was additionally from Japan and passed on in 2013 at 116 years of age.

The most seasoned living lady was from France and passed on in 1997 at 122.

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