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Who is Maryana Beyder Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maryana Beyder Bio, Wiki

Maryana is originally from Brooklyn, NY, She has a natural affinity for real estate and design. She is a real estate agent for Beyder & Company Realty in New Jersey selling homes that range from $600,000 to $14,000,000, according to LinkedIn.

Maryana Beyder Career

Maryana finds great satisfaction and accomplishment in helping clients find a house, create a home and assimilate into a community. She believes fostering client relationships is the key to her success. Maryana’s communication skills have allowed her to build a genuine rapport with her clients; her intuitive nature, genuine and thorough approach to the client’s needs sets Maryana apart. With Maryana’s love of real estate and her entrepreneurial spirit; she began flipping spec homes and collaborating on custom projects.

Maryana Beyder Husband

Maryana resides in Alpine, NJ with her husband Igor Beyder, who is the founder and CEO of the company and according to their website “is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the real estate industry. Over the last 15 years he has been involved with every aspect of the industry including construction, development, financing and marketing.”

Maryana Beyder Children

The couple has three children.

Maryana Beyder Lawsuit

However, Maryana Beyder’s was not just any bag. It was a pink bag by Hermès Kelly since the expensive French fashion house had hired her. Byder’s husband had given her the $ 30,000 bag for her 30th birthday.

After a waiter in a sleek New Jersey Country Club poured red wine into the luxury bag last year, the real estate agent complained of negligence and demanded that the Alpine Country Club pay him the price. Surprise your pampered bag.

She filed a lawsuit in October after repeated club out-of-court efforts to resolve the issue were unsuccessful.

Alpine immediately threw his waiter under the bus and blames him directly on his shoulders. In court records, he is identified as “John Doe” and the club asks him to pay his purse.

Beyder lawyer Alexandra Errico spoke to TheNew York Post, saying they did not want the responsibility to fall on him, and they are disappointed that Alpine has blamed responsibility on the employee.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with the waiter, we did not try to collect money from the waiter,” said Errico. “My client never intended to persecute this person at all. The sole intention was that the employer take responsibility. ”

Errico stressed that Alpine is a “very, very rich country club” and that due to his role in the incident, he was forced to include the server in the lawsuit.

“You did not have to sue your own employee,” said Errico. “It basically shows that they are really acting in bad faith.”

Louis Pechman, a labor lawyer, told Northjersey.com that “this type of counterclaim is unknown” and that “a good staffing policy would dictate that the restaurant has the back of the employee instead of stabbing the knife on his back ”

Alpine Country Club attorney Kenneth Merber made a statement on the case in which the authenticity of the bag was questioned: “The allegations raise problems regarding the property damage claimed by the plaintiff, the authenticity of the bag and its value on . The plaintiff has not submitted a receipt in connection with the purchase of the purse concerned. “Merber also said that in the present case, the club did not file a claim for damages against the waiter. “The Alpine Country Club makes no claim and requires no damage from any of its employees, including the waiter, who allegedly damaged the plaintiff’s purse in relation to the incident in question.”

Maryana Beyder Hermes Kelly Bag

Beyder’s handbag is far from the costliest item sold by Hermès. In 2017, one of its purses — made from the hide of a Nile River crocodile, with 18-karat gold buckles and diamond-encrusted strap loops — was sold for about $376,000 at an auction in Hong Kong.

But her purse was still valuable enough to become the subject of a year-long legal battle between Beyder and the club.