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Who is Martha McSally? (Why Trending on Twitter? Facts) Biography, Wiki, Age, ‘MAGA McSally’, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Martha McSally? (Why Trending on Twitter? Facts) Biography, Wiki

MAGA McSally is a Twitter hashtag taunting U.S. Senator Martha McSally, R-Arizona, after she asked supporters to skip a meal to donate to her campaign, which her campaign clarified was a joke.
McSally commented on a recent event in Arizona and faced social media backlash when #MAGAMcSally took off. His campaign told the Arizona Family it was a joke that McSally told his supporters to “fast food” and donate to his campaign.
Watch a video of McSally’s comments here or below.

According to the Arizona Family, Senator Martha McSally fell behind in R-Arizona polls and fundraising efforts against Democratic rival Mark Kelly.
“We are doing our part to get our message across, you know, to keep up. But it requires resources. So everyone can give, I’m not ashamed to ask, to invest. In a soundtrack by Arizona’s Family, McSally will give his listeners a dollar, five dollars, a meal. “If you can fast and give what will happen,” he said.
McSally campaign spokesman Caroline Anderegg told the Republic of Arizona that the comment was a joke and the attention it attracted was a “character assassination”.
“This is a not stupid story about a candidate,” he said. “It’s frankly sad and disgusting that the Dems and Kelly campaign launched a misleading character assassination on Martha McSally, who would literally give her shirt back for anyone. Martha wrote checks for those who couldn’t afford their food in their neighborhood. ”
The Arizona Family reported that Kelly increased more than twice what McSally collected at the end of June, the last reporting period. Real Clear Politics polls conducted in August show McSally’s Kelly lags between five and 11 points.

“MAGA McSally” was a Twitter trend targeting Republican Senator Martha McSally on Saturday, August 22, 2020. The Arizona senator asked for campaign donations at an event and asked his supporters to “eat out” and donate. Your comment was a joke, the campaign said.
However, the reaction exploded on Twitter and became the 31st trend of the United States on Saturday afternoon. More than 16,000 people tweeted the hashtag, according to GetDayTrends.
The Twitter trend sparked a spike in saying they donated to Feeding America.
“I gave 860 meals to @FeedingAmerica. Join me and feed hungry families! “I donated $ 86.45 instead of http://feeding.am/givemeals #MagaMcSally,” said Rick Wilson of Lincoln Project.

Oh boy. It seems we have a new name for America’s most notorious, unelected US Senator. #MagaMcSally ”wrote Joshua Geller on Twitter.
Another person shared a photo of a hamburger in their mailbox and said, “My donation is in the mail. #MAGAMcSally ”

Another person shared a photo of McSally, which appeared to be taken in a diner.

“How hard it must’ve been for #MAGAMcSally to focus with that campaign money sitting right in front of her,” the tweet said.

“Hey McSally, will you accept an old can of pumpkin I have in my pantry? #MAGAMcSally” another person wrote.
Others on Twitter were much more harsh, calling the senator “disgusting” and “selfish” and saying, “See you in hell.