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Who is Marta Vento Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Marta Vento Wiki – Marta Vento Biography

The hotel receptionist who was beaten to death while working the night shift at the Travelodge is named Marta Vento.


Ms. Vento, 27, originally from Valencia, Spain, died of head injury after being beaten with a blunt instrument by a killer in the lobby area of ​​the Travelodge in Bournemouth, Dorset.


Colleagues found Ms. Vento covered in blood and alerted the emergency services that she died at the scene at 7.30 pm on 9 December.


Police arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of murder after he entered the Bournemouth police station to report the incident.


After questioning, the suspect was detained in a safe hospital for the first 28 days under the mental health law.


An investigation into Ms. Vento’s death was opened today and was postponed by Dorset forensic expert Rachael Griffin.


Ian Parry, senior forensic officer, said at the five-minute hearing in Bournemouth: ‘Police was called to the scene after reports of an unresponsive woman.


Paramedics and police arrived and confirmed that he died on the spot.


Ms. Vento’s death is subject to an ongoing police investigation.


Officially identified through fingerprint comparison.


Mrs. Griffin: ‘I understand that Ms. Vento was born on March 26, 1993 in Valencia and at the time of her death resided at an address on Derby Road in Bournemouth, Dorset.


I also understand that she is a single lady and she works as a hotel receptionist.


He died on December 9 at the Travelodge Hotel on Christchurch Road in Dorset.


Ms. Vento’s body was examined for an autopsy at Holly Tree Lodge in Boscombe on 10 December.


“I understand that the temporary cause of death was recorded as multiple blunt force head injuries.”


Mrs. Griffin confirmed that she had no objection to Ms. Vento leaving her body to her family so that a funeral could be held.


The police postponed the investigation until next May while the investigation was ongoing.


The terrified hotel staff said the young woman was stabbed while working the night shift, as Ms. Vento has been working as a night receptionist for the Travelodge since September this year, according to her LinkedIn profile.


Prior to that, he worked as an account manager at Recycling Lives, a waste management firm located in Preston, Lancashire.


A guest at the hotel said that a wall was covered with blood and he left his room at 7.30 in the morning to find one of the staff who found the woman who called 999.


Paul Ford was lying in a corner near the reception and bar area. There was one of his colleagues leaning on the phone, he was in complete shock.


I asked him if he was dead and he shook his head, asking me to stay away from me, it looked like he was stabbed in the stomach. There was a lot of blood on the walls and everywhere. ”


Talking to Güneş, he added: ‘One of my friends had come down to smoke around 1 am and talked to him. The reception was alone. ”


An electrician’s wife wrote that she was detained for being questioned along with seven guests on Facebook.


Becci Pearce works at Bournemouth in ‘My Kev’. He went to work this morning and the poor woman at the reception died and was stabbed.


I feel sick, it absolutely sucks. There was a man on the phone leaning towards the ambulance, but he said he was tough. It should be there for hours. Kev said there was blood everywhere.


He added: ‘I’m fine, just shocked like something from a movie. Apparently someone was arrested, so hopefully they’ll get out soon, blood followed all the stairs. ‘


A spokesperson for Travelodge said in a statement: ‘We are so sorry to hear that a woman died in the Bournemouth Travelodge.


Our thoughts and our most sincere sympathy are with his family and our priority now is to support the police in their investigations.


“As this is a live police investigation, we cannot comment further at this stage.”