Eminem’s Father Died: Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Twitter, Known Facts

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., 67, is the biological father of the famous Detroit rapper Eminem. He has died from a heart attack at his home near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Age

He was 67 years old.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Wife and Children

Mathers Jr. got married to Debbie, Eminem’s mother in 1973. Then 22 and she was 15, they had their son, Eminem 2 years later. Shortly after, they split up. Eminem and his mom settled in Detroit with her family while Bruce moved to California.

He re-married a woman, whose name he didn’t publicize, and welcomed two kids with her – Sarah and Michael. Mathers Jr. claims he is in good terms with his children from the second marriage as their mother wasn’t so troubled as Debbie.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Addiction

For some years Mathers Sr. was alcoholic. He managed to cope with this passion, and now he is clean.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Spouse

The man is dating Teresa Harbin. Still, he is not close with his famous son.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Son, Eminem

A rep for Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on his father’s death. The artist did not have a relationship with his father growing up, which he has been open about in his music.

In Eminem’s earlier songs, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. was mentioned frequently, where the rapper claims he was abandoned. He also previously wished death on his father.

Eminem’s Grudge

Em held a huge grudge against his dad, speaking about it in songs “My Name Is” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” Eminem has said in the past that whenever he would send letters to his dad, they would be sent back unopened. He also had limited contact with the man, speaking to him rarely on the phone. Marshall Jr. split up with Em’s mother shortly after she gave birth to the rapper.

In 2001, after Eminem’s father took out an ad in the newspaper addressed to his son, he reportedly remained on the sidelines of his famous child’s life. When the rapper became popular, he saw the pic of his ex-wife Debbie with a baby boy on her hands. He immediately recognized that photo and that child and decided to reconcile with him.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Open Letter

Eminem’s Dad

<<When you see my Dad, tell him that I slit his throat in this dream I had.>>

Recently, a greeting card from Marshall addressed to grandma Rae was discovered. It begins with <dear grandma>
Even if some facts related by Marshall Mathers Jr are true, why didn’t he try to contact his son before he was famous?

He wrote an open letter to his son which was published in the “Daily Mirror” in 2002.

“Hello, son. You won’t remember me, though I held you in my arms when you when you were a baby. You think I dumped you and your mother and never came looking for you. You’re convinced I’m a drunk who never answered any of your letters .Well, I want you to read this and realize you’ve been fed lies all your life. Now you’ll hear the truth for the first time. ”

Marshall’s father, who is now a construction worker, reveals his son that he’s got two half siblings, Michael and Sarah. His intention is to tell his son that he cares: “The one ambition left in my life is to give you a hug and tell you I’ve always loved you,” and he says “I’d get on a plane right now, this second, and go anywhere in the world if you’d meet with me .Please get in touch.” No contest that Eminem’s father’s letter is touching, and he tries to explain the circumstances. He insists on the fact that he always tried to search him, and his children discovered one day there was a new rapper having the same name than him. Marshall Mathers II looked at the “Rolling Stone Magazine” his son Michael had just given to him, showing a photo of Debbie and little Marshall. Marshall Mathers Jr relates this event:

“Michael, my other son, came to our house one day and asked me what his half-brother’s name was. He’d

“I had no idea what had gone on. Then, to have all that recognition on top, I was flabbergasted. It’s still hard to believe.”

<<I don’t want to see a cent of Marshall’s money. He has become famous and I’ve found out where he is it doesn’t mean I’ve found a meal ticket. »

Eminem’s Dad says he suffers a lot from his “lost son’s absence” .He is certain to meet him someday. But the final decision belongs to Eminem who is clever enough to elude those tricks from his family.

Eminem allegedly did not reconcile with Marshall Jr.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Death

The man never met his son whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, however the superstar often rapped about his estranged father in his songs, accusing him of abandoning his family. According to TMZ, the man died near Fort Wayne, Indiana, with neighbors telling the website he died from a heart attack.