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Cancer Nurse Stole Thousands Credit Cards: Marissa Anne Welsby Biography, Wiki, Age, Nurse

Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

Marissa Anne Welsby was an assistant in nursing at Canberra Hospital has admitted to stealing credit cards from cancer patients in her care, and using the stolen funds to buy thousands of dollars in cigarettes, groceries, and alcohol.
Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

Marissa Anne Welsby age

Marissa Anne Welsby, 56, spent about $3,900 over almost three months, after stealing the cards from patients in the oncology and hematology ward at Canberra Hospital.
Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

One of the patients went in for a three-week stay for surgery and treatment in late 2017, in which time she kept her purse in the office of a nurse consultant.

Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

After the patient left the hospital she quickly discovered $2,099.28 has been spent using her now missing credit card while she was being treated.

In January 2018 another patient checked her bank accounts while in hospital and also found her card missing along with several transactions that she didn’t make.

Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

‘If we all took advantage of the vulnerable, the world would be a screwed up place,’ the victim said.

Police tracked down Welsby using CCTV footage of her purchasing cigarettes, booze and groceries with the stolen credit cards in stores in Canberra’s south.

Marissa Anne Welsby Biography

The former assistant in nursing pleaded guilty to two charges of obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

Welsby’s lawyer said she had led a difficult life marked by tragedy and became an assistant in nursing to help others.

He also said she had already lost her position at ACT Health and would most likely lose her current role.

Prosecutor Elizabeth West argued that the crimes took place while she was supposed to be caring for her victims – a sentiment that Magistrate James Lawton agreed with.


Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Marissa Anne Welsby, 56, stole about $3,900 from two cancer patients
  • The magistrate said her crime was aggravated due to the exploitation of patients
  • She stole and used the cards while patients were undergoing treatment