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Marina Joyce Bio

Marina Joyce Bio

Marina was born in North London, England, and was named Marina Rose Iris Alice Louise Joyce at birth. Her family background is not much of a public affair but we gathered that Cheryl Joyce is the name of her mother and her father is missing from the picture. Marina has two siblings named Elliot and Antony.

Marina Joyce Age

Marina is 22 years old; she was born on February 1, 1997 in North London, England.

Marina Joyce Personal Life

Joyce lives with her mother and brother in London, UK. She is close friends with other YouTubers such as Patty Walters (PattyxWalters). She also enjoys cats very much.

Marina Joyce YouTube Career

Marina’s vlogs have subtracted a large fanbase, her on-screen erratic behavior has spouted numerous theories and rumors – the more infamous one being she is held against her will and forced to make YouTube videos. In 2017, she addressed the situation in a video, explaining that she had suffered from depression and now feels better.

She has one other YouTube channel called marinajoycestick, but there are no videos on this channel as of now.

Joyce makes beauty tutorials, vlogs and funny videos of her choice. Her first video, currently available on her active account, is called “Bathroom Vlogging” where she makes her introduction to YouTube in an energetic yet eccentric manner, as that is her personality and is not playing a character.

She introduces herself and describes what her channel will be like, similar to a channel trailer. It was filmed when she was 15. From there on, her videos have mainly been of beauty and fashion tutorials, reviews, and promotion; question and answer videos; vlogs and discussions, occasionally of strong topics; and funny videos and sketches, such as music video parodies, challenges with her friends and family, miscellaneous random chats.

She has made a Draw My Life video titled “DRAW MY LIFE – Marina Joyce,” where she discusses and narrates the events that have happened in her life from her birthday and on.

Marina Joyce Sexual Abuse

In November 2013, she claimed to have been sexually abused by Sam Pepper at Warped Tour UK. At the time, she was 16 years old and Sam Pepper was 24.

Marina Joyce Conspiracies regarding Sexual abuse

In July 2016, conspiracy theories and rumors of Marina Joyce spread across YouTube that she was suddenly and slowly changing and seemed to be forced to make YouTube videos. Many believed that in her video “DATE OUTFIT IDEAS”, she seemed very forced, scared and being harmed in some way, around the 0:13 mark of the video she can be heard whispering “Help Me”, in this one video as well you can see a finger pointing at a black card in which she is holding, after this she goes on to hold it up and advertise the product on the card.

On the day of July 26, 2016, Marina Joyce tweeted out, “Meet me Bethnal Green at 6:30 am if you would like to join partying with me at that event ^-^ bring a friend so you dont get lost”.

In July 2016, many people of the YouTuber community starting growing suspicious to the behavior of Marina Joyce. She began seeming “very different” to many people that commented on her videos. In the beginning of her video “QUESTION AND ANSWER”, Marina would respond to this at the beginning of the video saying that she hasn’t changed at all. In this video, she stumbles with her words and talks fast, seeming jittery. This made a lot of people even more curious about what was going on with her.

Later that week on July 26th, she made a tweet which soon people thought was creepy, since it was about attending an event with a friend which did not actually occur on that day at 6:30 am. Several people freaked out and made the Twitter hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce trend in just under three hours. People even went as far as to believe that the rendezvous was an ISIS set-up and she was held hostage by them. Many saw this to be a rather ridiculous and extreme claim, but many people seemed to believe such conspiracy but are often ridiculed and mocked upon. In order to make sure she was safe, some of the worried audience called the police near her residence and they accepted their request. They quickly went to her residency and investigated her house, denouncing all claims of a possible kidnapping.

Marina Joyce Help Me Video

In 2016 Marina faked her own kidnapping for publicity. At the time she posted a series of erratic, strange posts touting weird theories on the Internet that ranged from drugs to ISIS. She posted a video which appeared to include a hidden cry for help. The video was titled “Date Video Ideas” in the video she claimed she was in a ‘dangerous place’, revealed her arms, which appeared to be bruised, and seemingly whispered to the camera, “Help me.”

A hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce started trending on Twitter as her fans dubbed the “Sacred Moon Cat Tribe” believed she was kidnapped. The rumors were however shut down by the Enfield Police who tweeted that the Joyce was ‘safe and well’. Marina later did a live broadcast in which she said, “this was a publicity stunt by viewers, not by me [Marina.]”

During an interview with The Sun she said of the incidence, “The first I knew of it was when I saw the hashtag trending and people started to get worried. People really care about me and it went crazy and blew up. People out there are really kind. But I am really OK. There are no ISIS terrorists here.”

She was also thankful for the followers she gained through the stunt, “It is incredible what people have done. They have helped my channel so much now. I care about my YouTube channel and after this, I have got lots more viewers which is really good.”

Youtuber Marina Joyce Missing

On August 9, 2019 the Haringey Police in North London officially declared Joyce a missing person after she was reported missing on July 7. She was last seen on July 31 having last made a video on YouTube on June 21 and last shared an Instagram post on June 24.

After the tweet hashtag  #findMarinaJoyce began trending on Twitter. Her fans are worried about her while others are sceptical that she might have faked her disappearance again.

Marina Joyce Boyfriend

Marina is in a relationship with Brandon Mehmed. After Marina was reported missing Brandon made an Instagram post on August 9 and promised that Marina was safe. “Everything is being dealt with in a professional matter. Please don’t worry about her as she is safe and well (you have my word for that). Also everyone who thinks I’m acting “suspicious” are only misinformed and don’t know me at allll.

Marina Joyce Found

The police have not made an official statement saying whether Joyce has been found or not but her boyfriend Brandon made a post on Instagram claiming that she was ‘safe and well.’


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In July 2016 Joyce made a tweet in which people thought was creepy since it was about attending an event with a friend which did not actually occur on that day at 6:30 am.

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