Mariette Detotto Biography

Who is Walter Mercado Girlfriend: Mariette Detotto Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mariette Detotto Biography

Mariette Detotto is a Brazilian woman who once found love for Walter Mercado. She was an actress and dancer with whom they shared a TV program. In 2003 Walter announced that he maintained a spiritual relationship with Detotto.

Who Is Walter Mercado

Mercado’s birthname Walter Mercado Salinas was born on 9th March 1932, in Ponce, Puerto Rico to José María Mercado and Aída Salinas. He was best known as a television personality for his shows as an astrologer, an actor, a dancer, and a writer.

On Saturday, a family spokesman confirmed Mercado’s death through  Telemundo PR. He died at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan for apparent renal failure.

Walter Mercado Relationship

Mercado maintained a spiritual relationship with the Brazilian actress and dancer Mariette Detotto, with whom he shared a TV program. 

He later denied she was his girlfriend, saying, “I have no one. I have channeled my sexual energy into the good of humanity by praying for so many people who ask me for help.”

Mercado had another girlfriend who died tragically. “The death of his girlfriend in a plane crash between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in 1968 plunged him into a depression” but took him on a spiritual quest to India and to seek a better understanding of death.

Walter Mercado Tributes

Fans flooded social media with tributes as news of Walter Mercado’s death spread. “RIP Walter Mercado. A true icon,?” wrote one, echoing the thoughts of others. “Americans have a phrase to refer to people like Walter Mercado, that does not have to my knowledge a direct translation…They would say he was ‘larger than life.’ He was a mythical figure…” wrote another.

“Wow. Walter Mercado,” wrote one woman after hearing about his death. “My grandmother would make the entire house shut up when he came on the screen. An icon. What a life. Thank you.”