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Skydiver Killed: Maria Robledo Vallejo Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maria Robledo Vallejo Biography

Maria Robledo Vallejo was a Colombian national skydiver. She was killed when she was blown off course into a Northern California highway was an experienced jumper, according to a report. She died on Thursday, September 26th, 2019.

Maria Robledo Vallejo Age

She was 28 years old.

Maria Robledo Vallejo Colombian national skydiver

The skydiver has been identified as Maria Vallejo, of Colombia, by the San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office.

CHP said Vallejo was skydiving in a group of seven people when she was blown off course and hit the big rig, officials said.

After hitting the big rig, Vallejo collided with the shoulder of southbound Highway 99. CHP said she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Skydive Lodi Parachute Center is located at 23597 Frontage Road 99, which runs parallel to Highway 99. The business has been in this location since 1964 and uses an empty field near Frontage Road 99 and Jahant Road as a landing zone.

Thursday’s death is the latest in a series of fatalities and violations at the Lodi Parachute Center.

Skydiver Maria Robledo Vallejo Death Cause

on 26, September Maria Vallejo was parachuting with a group Lodi Skydive Parachute Center. When she was blown away from the safe landing zone.

The skydiver ended up by traffic on Highway 99 and hit a semi-truck before ultimately crashing into the shoulder of the roadway, officials said. The crash occurred in the southbound lanes near Jahant Road at 2 p.m. Maria died at the scene.

Lodi Parachute Center owner Bill Dause said that Vallejo was a veteran skydiver who jumped numerous times in the past two weeks.

Dause told Maria arrived about two weeks ago. She made 20 some jumps since she came. Bill Dause said she was an experienced skydiver with more than 150 drops.

Dause also told the news station that her indiscretion was a factor that led to the crash. We’ve jumped in winds much higher than that, he said. For whatever reason, she went too far downwind.

Rick Costa, who regularly drives a truckload of cars down the stretch of highway for work, told KCRA he has long thought the skydiving company’s setup was dangerous.

The way they do it, they actually fly over the freeway and come back to grass when they land,” he told the TV station. Unless they change something, it’s only a matter of time before more and more of that happens and more people die.

It was unclear what caused the skydiver to drift onto the highway, but an onlooker who witnessed the immediate aftermath said winds near the airport and the skydive centre were clocked at about 17 mph, enough to ground light planes at the airstrip, The Sacramento Bee reported.

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