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Maria Pew Weimelt Biography, Maria Pew Weimelt Wiki

Joshua David Fury is a Minnesota man who strangled his wife Maria Pew Weimelt before reporting her missing to authorities has pleaded guilty.

On Friday, Joshua David Fury pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the April 30 murder of his wife, Maria Pew Weimelt, according to a statement released by her family on Facebook.

Police found the preliminary cause of death to be asphyxiation from a plastic bag taped over her head and nose. Fury was arrested and at first gave multiple statements, trying to blame one of her former boyfriends for her death.

Fury admitted strangling her during an argument about her leaving him. He said he ‘placed both hands around her neck and squeezed until he felt a snap’, the charges said. Maria was found with trauma to her neck, but it was not broken.

When he found Maria was still breathing he put a plastic bag over her head and nose until she stopped.

Facts You Need to Know

  • Joshua David Fury, 28, faces 38 years in prison after strangling Maria Pew
  • He had reported her missing on from their Minnesota home on April 30 
  • Maria’s body was found two days later in a crawlspace and Fury was charged
  • He initially tried to blame one of her former boyfriends for her death
  • But he eventually confessed that he killed Maria by strangling her at their Maple Grove home and put a plastic bag over her head, police said
  • Investigator interviews with Maria’s family, friends and mother found that the couple was having marital problems and Fury was ‘controlling and possessive’

“There is no winner in the dreadful death of our dear angel Maria. A sentence of 4 million months does not bring Maria back to us. So we choose who Maria wants us to be ……. to use our pain to end the gentle domestic violence loving and inspiring. ”

According to a criminal complaint, the search for Maria had started on April 30 when she was reported missing. Officers had obtained a search warrant at the couple’s home and brought dogs that were trained to detect human remains. The animal had indicated that a body was present in a crawl space in the lower level of the house. After hours of work, Maria’s body was found.

Charging documents said her cause of death was believed to be asphyxiation from a plastic bag taped over her head and nose. Her husband allegedly blamed her disappearance on an old boyfriend, but later told police “they had a fight Thursday morning in which he strangled her and then put the plastic over her face.”

Maria’s family released this statement Tuesday:

There are no winners in the horrible death of our dear angel, Maria. A sentence of 4 million months does not bring Maria back to us. So, we choose to be who Maria wants us to be… kind, loving and inspired to use our pain to end domestic violence.

Maria is one of 15 intimate partner murders in Minnesota already this year — 15. That just has to end. Those murders left thousands of families, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, first responders and caring communities of people violated and traumatized. This needs to stop.

Let’s use our Voice with Maria’s to make sure a home is a place of safety and love, not secreted in violence. We need your help to end this national pandemic. Please follow and like us on Facebook Maria’s Voice. Our actions must change this acceptability of violence toward intimate partners.

Maria loves you. The Pew Weimelt families thank you for letting us know that you love her too. Despite our intense grief, we believe what Maria believed: Love always triumphs.

Fury’s sentence hearing is scheduled for Friday, July 31.