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Who is Maria Mester Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Maria Mester Wiki – Maria Mester Biography

Maria Mester A sex worker caught wearing £3,250 diamond earrings stolen in the £25 million raid at Tamara Ecclestone’s mansion told jurors today she is ‘just a stupid chicken’ and had no knowledge of the theft carried out by a ‘professional’ burglary gang.

Maria Mester, 47, denied any involvement in the conspiracy that saw four thieves steal expensive jewelry, property and cash from three celebrity homes in West London over a two-week period last December.


She insisted she was paid as an escort in London and nothing more.


Mester gestured repeatedly while telling the jurors that it had nothing to do with the plot.


Under the cross-examination of junior attorney Paul Jarvis at Isleworth Royal Court on Monday afternoon, he described himself as a ‘stupid chicken’ compared to ‘professional’ thieves.


Mester said he was in London only because he was paid around £ 5,000 to work as a companion of one of the alleged thieves, orpington was staying in an apartment in Bromley, where the raiders were said to be resident.


The escort, along with 30-year-old bartender son Emil Bogdan Savastru, 53-year-old security guard Sorin Marcovici, and 49-year-old hotel attendant Alexandru Stan, denied their involvement in the raid.


Isleworth Royal Court heard that Mester was arrested at Stansted Airport on January 31st with her earrings stolen.


The earrings are said to be ‘identical’ to a couple stolen from Tamara Ecclestone’s home.


Made by jewelers, NOA is worth £ 3,250 and is described as: ‘earrings, modern, by NOA, round brilliant diamond cut pave set with elongated tear drop design, colorless to color, hinged hook fittings, yellow fitting’.


Jury members heard that he posted a photo wearing one of the stolen necklaces on Facebook on January 1.


Mr. Jarvis asked: ‘Why would these guys invite an innocent woman like you to spend a week in the operations base?


Mester replied: ‘These guys did not invite me, only one of them paid me to accompany me, there is a difference between being invited by the two, being asked to be accompanied by someone and being offered sexual intercourse by someone. Services.’


Mester replied: ‘He invited me not to participate, but to be his companion.


I came here as an escort. I didn’t come here to watch them, I didn’t come to babysit them. This is not rocket science.


“A man who wants to have fun does not entrust an escort with his life, personal details, knowledge.”


He described himself and his son as ‘the two victims of this’.


Mr. Jarvis told Mester it was “more than an escort” and the accused’s response: “No, I was a simple escort, please prove me I’m not.”


The court heard that Mester was arrested after returning to London in January this year, when he was told that he wore a pair of earrings identical to those stolen in the Ecclestone raid.


Mr. Jarvis said, “You were extremely happy to help plan and execute these thefts, right?” Said.


Mester replied: ‘This is what you said. Is that why I came back with those earrings when I was arrested?


You talk about professionals here, I’m just a stupid chicken.


Leonard Smith of Mester’s QC asked him today at Iselworth Crown Court why he lied about the earrings stolen in his first defense, saying it was a gift from an ‘Arab client in Dubai’.


He said: ‘The truth is, without the lawyers I have now, I was very scared and right at the beginning.


I didn’t know who I could trust … I was kept without clothes for a month and ten days, the police did not give it to me. My child was beaten and boiled with water and sugar in the prison where he was held.


“I didn’t know which way to go, I was accused of stealing £ 50 million.”


Mester wore a purple sweater with her hands clasped behind her back, hair in a ponytail, and stood on the pier, speaking through an interpreter while answering questions.


Mr. Smith asked why he did not tell the police that he was returning to England due to his son’s arrest.


He said: ‘At that moment I didn’t understand how serious the situation was, I felt as if someone was saying I killed my mother, we’re talking about £ 50 million, not £ 5,000.


Mester was asked why the police did not comment on his questions about thieves allegedly spending time together.


‘In those moments when I didn’t care about anyone, I just cared about leaving and I was having a lifeless nightmare, I asked them to hand me over to a lie detector.’ Said.


Three days before Ecclestone’s theft, he heard that the thieves took out the late Leicester City president Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha from his home in Knightsbridge with 600,000 Euros and 400,000 Euros worth of jewelery after breaking one of his vaults on December 10.


The thieves won with £ 60,000 worth of valuable items that Chelsea FC manager Frank Lampard shared with his TV host wife Christine on December 1.


On December 17, Mester was filmed while spending a luxury spree in Harrods with the sister of one of the alleged thieves.


He is accused of bringing in his son Savastru to help organize the thieves’ stay in London.

Savastru was caught in possession of a Tag Heuer watch and Louis Vuitton bag, similar to one taken in the raid, and was planning to board a flight to Japan, it is claimed.

Mester, of no fixed address, denies three counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and concealing criminal property.

Savastru, of Bethnal Green, denies two counts of conspiracy to burgle and attempting to remove criminal property.

Marcovici, of Romford, and Stan, of Harrow, deny conspiracy to burgle.

The trial continues.