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Marcus Essabri Biography

Marcus Essabri Biography

Marcus Essabri is the Nephew of Racehorse Owner Sheikh Maktoum. He Currently lived in Australia. He says in his recently Interview the divorce will show how his uncle has mistreated Princess Haya and his cousins Princess Latifa and Princess Shamsa.

Divorce Battle Princess Haya and Sheikh Maktoum

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Marcus Essabri Insider in Dubai’s royal family first time has broken his silence to tell how Sheikh Maktoum’s multi-million-pound divorce battle with his estranged wife Princess Haya in the British courts will expose secrets of the UAE ruler.

Marcus Essabri Interview to Australia TV

He spoke in his interview to Australia’s TV news show ’60 Minutes’, Essabri said: ‘The one person who knows the truth about what happened to my cousins Latifa and Shamsa is Princess Haya.

‘I hope that she uses the court case to tell the world how they have been treated. She has the opportunity to do some good for these poor women.’

Marcus Essabri, the Sheikh’s nephew, was shunned by his uncle in the family when he told his mother how unhappy Princess Shamsa was

Princess Latifa

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Latifa, 33, spent three weeks on the run before she was captured on a yacht off the coast of India and returned to Dubai.

Princess Shamsa

Marcus Essabri Biography

Princess Shamsa has not been seen or heard from in almost 20 years since attempting to flee the kingdom.

She was 19 years old when she drove out of Maktoum’s Surrey mansion while on an extended stay.

The Princess was able to remain hidden for six weeks until she was grabbed while walking along a street in Cambridge and taken to an airport in the south-east of England and flown by private jet back to Dubai.

A missing person’s report was filed with Cambridgeshire Police but the matter was dropped when officers were told there was no prospect of speaking with Shamsa in Dubai.

She spent eight years in prison on the orders of her father and has never been seen in public since her return.

Princess Haya

Haya, 45, the youngest of Maktoum’s wives is holed up at her £85m mansion in Kensington while she awaits a court hearing to decide on their divorce and custody of their two young children.

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Fast Facts You Need to Know

  1. Sheikh Maktoum, 69, is facing a huge divorce battle with his youngest wife, Princess Haya
  2. Couple face each other in a custody hearing for their two young children at the High Court in London later this month
  3. The Dubai ruler’s nephew Marcus Essabri says the case will reveal secrets of the royal household
  4. He said the case will tell the world how the sheikh’s daughters princesses Latifa and Shamsa have been treated
  5. Both princesses have made unsuccessful bids to escape the kingdom in the past
  6. Their treatment is rumoured to be a factor in Haya’s attempts to divorce the billionaire racehorse owner