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Marcus Coutain Wiki – Marcus Coutain Biography

Marcus Coutain was filmed pleading with officers to “get off my neck” as he was handcuffed on the pavement in Islington, north London, on Thursday evening.

Marcus Coutain Age

He is 48 years old.

police officer knelt on Marcus Coutain neck

The lawyer for a man who was arrested as a police officer knelt on his neck – in a case that “mirrors almost identically what happened to George Floyd” – has called for a formal apology from Scotland Yard.


The police watchdog is investigating the manner of the arrest, which has resulted in one Metropolitan Police officer being suspended and another placed on restricted duties.
Deputy Commissioner Sir Steve House has described the footage as “deeply disturbing” and said some of the techniques, which are “not taught in police training”, caused him “great concern”.
Coutain appeared in custody at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Saturday afternoon charged with possessing a knife in public.
He indicated a not guilty plea and was granted technical bail as the case was sent to Snaresbrook Crown Court on August 17 by District Judge Gillian Allison.
Scotland Yard has said officers were called to a fight in Isledon Road at around 6.30pm on Thursday and the court was told Coutain matched the description of a suspect.
Footage posted on social media on Thursday evening shows two officers holding a handcuffed black man on the pavement and one appears to be kneeling on the man’s neck and has his hand on his head.
The man struggling on the ground can be heard shouting: “Get off me … get off my neck, I haven’t done anything wrong, get off my neck.”
But Coutain’s lawyer Timur Rustem told the court his client was initially searched for drugs and was then told he matched the description of “someone involved in an attack”.

He was given bail on 17 August because he was sent to the Snaresbrook crown court. Rustem told the court that his client initially searched for drugs and later matched the definition of “someone involved in an attack”.
He told the court that Coutain had a knife to repair his bike and added: “There was a legal reason for this item to be on it.”
Rustem chose officer David Herald in court and read the statement “I thought I was using proportionate, necessary and reasonable force”.
As Coutain appeared at the port for a 15-minute hearing, Stand Up to Racism protesters demonstrated against police violence outside the Islington police station.
Police Supervision The Office of the Independent Police Office is investigating the form of arrest Thursday evening, resulting in one officer dismissing and putting another in limited positions.
Speaking outside the court, Rustem said, “Essentially Mr. Coutain was stopped and searched for cases where he was not charged. Using what I see as excessive force, placing a knee around the neck… References that reflect what happened to George Floyd in America.
“A man who says ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘I pull my knee from my neck’ while he is handcuffed and arrested by two police officers.”
Rustem said that Coutain had “fortunately minimal” injuries to his wrist and neck. “Fortunately, it did not lead to the tragic consequences we saw in America.”
Sir Steve House, deputy commissioner, described the images of the arrest as “deeply disturbing” and said that some techniques he saw were “not taught in police training” and “great concern”.
“As a retired police officer, it was very disturbing to watch this video and realize it happened in the past few days,” said Victor Olisa, a former supervisor of Met. This technique is not a taught technique. It represents excessive use of force and has real risks in this regard. In this case, it is the key to resolving police actions, court hearing and IOP investigation. ”
Also, referring to the frequent automatic handcuffs of black men during calls, he added: “I am really afraid that this type of police practice will increase community tensions.”


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