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Who is Marcin Zdun Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Marcin Zdun Wiki – Marcin Zdun Biography

A Tesco employee accused of murdering his wife and daughter in jealous anger told the court that he believed his wife was having an affair and that his daughter had covered him up.


40-year-old Marcin Zdun is accused of murdering 40-year-old Aneta Zdun and 18-year-old Nikoleta Zdun.


The women were found seriously injured at their home in Wessex Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire on June 1 this year and declared dead at the scene.


The accused told the Winchester Crown Court that he believed his wife, a caretaker, was having an affair with a man he was working with.


He said he was suspicious of this man by ‘looking at me, this piercing look and anger in his eyes’ and believing that he put bugs in his phone with the help of a friend.


He said that his wife no longer wanted to have sex, so he slept in separate rooms. I thought there might be someone with you.


He added that he believed his daughter was ‘covering it up’ for his wife, who was going out in the evenings without telling him where to go.


Zdun also said that although he only worked three days a week, his wife did not help organize the house or cook family meals.


He said that he put ‘mess’ videos on Facebook and moldy soup in the refrigerator to show people who don’t believe him.


He said he had no ‘power’ to do housework on his own, as he worked the night shift.


The Tesco employee said that this caused controversy between him and his wife, and he argued with his daughter after he wanted to get a facial piercing.


Speaking through an interpreter, the Polish citizen said, ‘I did not allow him to do many things, I did not allow him to get tattoos and piercings, but his mother would let him do everything so he still had them done. ‘


He continued: ‘They were just standing together, just laughing at me, doing whatever they wanted.


“They didn’t do anything around the house, just go out when they wanted, I didn’t know where they were going, for my own peace, that they wouldn’t meet some men.”


He added that his wife and daughter felt ‘spending my hard earned money and laughing in my face’ and ‘being harassed and abused in my own home’.


Zdun has been accused by the prosecution of having a ‘controlling nature’ over his family.


Nicholas Haggan QC from the prosecutor’s office told the jury that the defendant did not deny that he killed his wife and daughter, but did not recall the incident.


When Zdun was arrested at the crime scene, he heard police finding the knife in his trouser pocket and a folding lock knife with blood stains on the handle.


The Winchester Royal Court heard how Zdun ‘cut’ Aneta and Nikoleta after his wife kicked him out of the family home.


A worker who witnessed the alleged murders called Zdun ‘no humanity’ and ‘pure anger’ in Zdun’s face during the attack in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on 1 June.


Another heroic worker who chased Zdun and wrestled him to the ground until the police arrived, described Zdun’s murder case as follows: ‘I punched him but I wish I had done more’.


Painter and decorator David Powell rushed to the scene when he heard the screams of Zdun’s little children inside when he opened.


Mr. Powell got emotional as he detailed how Zdun ‘cut’ his wife and daughter with a six-inch knife.


There was no humanity in his face, just anger – pure anger. “I don’t know how you can do this to another person,” Mr. Powell said.


“His only purpose was to kill them… he just thought of it.”


Just steps away from the attack, Mr Powell said the caretaker Aneta was trying to protect his college student daughter by standing between him and Zdun.


Mr. Powell cried when he said he could not save the women. “There was nothing I could do,” he added.


Powell said Zdun later collected his bag and ‘walked the street indifferently as if nothing had happened’, but started running when he and his colleague chased and arrested him.


Neighbor Tamar Vellacott told the court: ‘A worker came in blood and said,’ I did what I had to do, I punched him, but I wish I could do more. ‘


Zdun denies two murder charges and the case is pending.