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Manuel Ellis, 33, called out “I can’t breathe” before dying in police custody three months ago, similar to George Floyd’s plea as former Minneapolis Officier Derek Chauvin pressed a knee to his neck on Memorial Day.

Manuel Ellis Age

He was 33 years old.

Manuel Ellis Family

Ellis was a father of two. His family has listened to dispatcher audio repeatedly over and over again in heartbreaking fashion according to James Bible, the family’s attorney. He told CNN, “They’re absolutely positive that that is their brother and their son.”
The family also asked, why does it always take a video for the public to believe when a black person’s life is taken unjustly. His mother Marcia Carter spoke about the loss of her son and wants just for her son.

Manuel Ellis Death

Videos from the March 3 encounter show Ellis struggling with two uniformed officers, who appear to throw punches and pin him to the ground.
Sara McDowell, who filmed the encounter, can be heard yelling, “Hey! Stop! Oh my god, stop hitting him. Just arrest him. Just arrest him. Oh my god, that looks so scary.”
In the second clip, McDowell is driving by as two officers are restraining Ellis and repeatedly telling him to put his hands behind his back.
Police said once he called out “I can’t breathe,” officers rolled him on his side and called paramedics, who performed CPR for 30 minutes before Ellis’ death.
The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office concluded that Ellis suffered respiratory arrest due to physical restraint, classifying his death as a homicide.

Manuel Ellis Video

”Without any facts, without an investigation, without due process, and with less than a minute of short, blurry, partial Twitter videos in hand, the mayor passed judgment on the actions of four Tacoma Police Officers,” the union wrote in a statement.
The Tacoma City Council unanimously voted to request an independent review of Ellis’s death — something Inlsee’s office had said he was considering, KNKX.org reported. Inslee on Friday afternoon said the state will conduct a review of the investigation and any charging decisions.
“My decision does not in any way pre-judge an outcome, but the family of Mr. Ellis, the City of Tacoma and every Washington resident deserves the confidence that an extra level of scrutiny will bring,” Inslee said in a statement.

After the death, the officers had been placed on leave but then returned to work because no policy violations were found. They were placed on leave again this week. The four officers involved in the incident are Christopher Burbank, 34; Matthew Collins, 37; Masyih Ford, 28; and Timothy Rankine, 31. Two are white, while one is black and other is Asian, according to the Police Department.