Won £90m Payout From Husband: Mandy Gray Bio, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know, Husband (Randy Work), Boyfriend (Hamish Hurley), Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Known Facts

Mandy Gray Bio

Mandy Gray Bio

Mandy Gray is battling her fitness coach ex-boyfriend, Hamish Hurley, over assets including an Italian villa and a fleet of supercars. She was a divorcee and won £90million from her first husband Randy Work. She has won the right to sue another lover for tens of millions in a UK court – after calling him an ’emotionally abusive gold-digger’.

Mandy Gray Age

She is 50 years old

Mandy Gray Husband

Ms. Gray had a six-year relationship with Mr. Hamish Hurley following her 2013 divorce from her first Husband Randy Work, her relation with Ms. Gray ended the relationship in January this year.

Mandy Gray Lawsuits

Mr Hurley, who has launched a rival lawsuit in New Zealand, is claiming a share of the assets, saying they were handed to him as gifts by his rich lover during their relationship.

Mandy Gray Case Hearing

Jonathan Cohen, Ms grey’s quality control, in courtroom papers supplied in the course of the hearing of the case, claimed Mr Hurley ‘expended approximately £7million of Ms gray’s cash on failed net advertising business ventures within the united states of America’.

Mr. Hurley deployed ‘undue effect’ in opposition to Ms gray in terms of his doomed commercial enterprise assignment, alleged Mr. Cohen, including: ‘On Ms grey’s case, she was no extra than Hurley’s car for his enrichment and he becomes the archetypal gold-digger, par excellence.’

He planned to apply his lover ‘as a way to get his ‘want listing’ of belongings,’ claimed the quality control.

however, Mr Hurley’s barrister flatly rejected the claims towards his customer.

‘Their relationship becomes extreme, intimate, loving, consensual and collaborative,’ Mr. Bailey insisted, highlighting forty,000 social media messages testifying to their beyond commitment.

Ms gray had now ‘recast everything of their relationship,’ he said, wrongly presenting Mr. Hurley as ‘manipulative and controlling’.

Mr. Hurley had again home to New Zealand to live with his mother and father after she ended their courting, which to begin with left both of them ‘very saddened,’ stated Mr Bailey.

however during their time together they offered belongings around the arena, with Ms gray ‘imparting the price range for their joint life together – building for their future’.

‘however now she has modified her mind approximately Hamish, she needs all of it again.’

The case keeps.


Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Mandy Gray is battling ex-boyfriend Hamish Hurley after they split up this year
  • Disputed assets include millions in cash, an Italian villa and a fleet of supercars 
  • Ms Gray won £90million payout from ex-husband Randy Work after 2013 split