Who is Maliyah Bass? (Police brace for murder investigation) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family

Who is Maliyah Bass? (Police brace for murder investigation) Biography, Wiki

Maliyah Bass is not officially identified by authorities, who found a toddler found deceased on Sunday as Maliyah Bass, they’re telling the child’s parents to prepare for the worst.
a jogger found the body of a child floating in Brays Bayou, off of the 5200 blocks of Carrolton Street in SW Houston, and police say they believe it is that of missing 2-year-old Maliyah “Tootie” Bass.
Maliyah was last seen playing in the playground of the Sunset Crossing apartments in southwest Houston.
The mother of the little boy, Sahara Ervin, told Fox 7 that he watched from a nearby window while playing in the Maliyah apartment complex playground on Saturday. Ervin said that he turned around for a moment and when he looked back his daughter was gone.
This is really devastating for me. Who could be watching my baby to kidnap him from the park? ”
Ervin immediately contacted the authorities, followed by an AMBER Alarm. The next day, a small body was found floating in the water about 18 miles from the playground where Maliyah was taken.

“They should of took me. They found my baby on an orange float floating down the bayou,” Ervin said.
Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the body found is likely of Maliyah.

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“Based on what we know, based on missing children, although we can’t confirm for sure, it’s a high probability it will be her.”

Acevedo added that he’s “highly confident” that foul play is involved in the case.
Her parents were taken in for questioning because they were the last people to see her, but no arrests have been made.
People who live at the apartment said they’re praying for the child’s safe return.
“Like when I woke up and my mother showed me that picture, I broke down in tears because I have a niece that’s only 4 and she’s 2. That completely broke me,” Michelle George said.
Maliyah was last seen wearing a multi-colored tank top and multi-colored shorts. She was also carrying a pink and white pillowcase with her that had letter blocks inside.
If you have seen Maliyah or know where she could be, please call the Houston Police Department at 832-394-1840 or 713-308-3600.