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Who is Madog Rowlands Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Madog Rowlands Wiki – Madog Rowlands Biography

A fiancé faces life imprisonment for strangling the bride-to-be and wrapping her body in plastic wrap before ordering pizza.


Madog Rowlands, 23, from Wrexham, went shopping and ordered two packages after killing call center worker Lauren Griffiths 21.


He sat wrapped in plastic wrap, garbage bag, and Selotape for 24 hours before calling 999 to say he killed him.


Rowlands, on the run from drugs after drowning her in her bed, laughed when she told medics that Miss Griffiths had died the day before.


The jury then heard that Rowlands was searching online for terms like ‘how to show remorse’ and ‘credit for guilty appeal’.


He denied the murder, saying he had killed Miss Griffiths ‘accidentally’ because he was defending himself for having a psychotic episode.


Prosecutor Michael Jones told the QC: ‘During the 999 call, he informed the operator that Lauren was dead and was responsible and accidentally strangled him.


However, he did not immediately make that 999 call after he killed Lauren as he accidentally said.


“After he killed him, he went to buy items from a shop at various times after his death, partially wrapping his body in plastic wrap, tape and a trash can.”


Mr. Jones said Rowlands had cashed in from his own account and Mrs. Griffiths had taken cash from his account, ordered the delivery of drugs, ordered takeout for him, including Subway and Domino’s, and tried to set up a Netflix just before the pizza arrived. account on mobile phone ‘.


“24 hours after he killed him, he contacted emergency services to report his death.”


Rowlands denied the murder, saying she had ‘accidentally’ strangled Miss Griffiths.


Newport Crown Court heard that Rowlands was later on the internet looking for ‘six steps to getting the best outcome in court’ and tips on showing remorse.


In his testimony to the police, I had no intention of harming, killing, or hurting Lauren. We were deeply in love. I was trying to protect him from myself and I had to defend myself. ‘


The court heard Rowlands had previously been arrested for strangling Miss Griffiths after breaking her laptop, but she did not want to continue the charges.


Rowlands was found guilty of murder at Newport Crown Court after a 10-day trial.


Judge Daniel Williams suspended the sentence for the psychiatric report and the pre-sentence report.