Who is Madina Barakat (Sophia Barkat Mother's) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know
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Who is Madina Barakat (Sophia Barkat Mother’s) Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Madina Barakat (Sophia Barkat Mother’s) Wiki – Madina Barakat  Biography

The new footage shows a distraught mother carrying her ‘immobile’ child to a five-star hotel lobby after her baby’s British father ‘beat her to death’.


According to a court witness who saw him before the tragedy, one-year-old Sophia Barakat was ‘blue’ and ‘not breathing’.


23-year-old Madina Barakat briefly laid her daughter on the reception counter in CCTV footage revealed as part of her British husband’s murder case, seeking help from InterContinental Hotel employees in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Kazakh mother sank to the ground and needed the help of a hotel security guard who called an ambulance.


Medina then carried the boy to a sofa in the lobby, but he collapsed.


The hotel staff gave evidence that “killed my child, shot him” when his wife, Airbus 330 captain Mohamed Barakat, accused his 41-year-old husband.


In a surprising new development, the pilot who claimed to be innocent told the trial that he had a long history of epilepsy and that Sophia died in an ‘accident’ in his hotel room when he had a ‘seizure’.


He noted that although epilepsy is often one reason for not being issued flight permits, this was known to doctors in Hong Kong and Malaysia who attended their medical check-ups as pilots.


Her employer, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines, did not respond to the request for comment.


He previously worked as a pilot on low-cost Malaysian airline AirAsia.


Barakat also alleged that a senior police investigator tried to bribe him, demanding $ 60,000 to charge him for the accidental death of the boy from the murder on October 24, 2019.


In the footage seen by the court in Almaty, Barakat, who was tried in court for up to 20 years if convicted of murder, shows Sophia the day before, taking her to the hotel with Medina.


The video ends with a doctor rushing to the tragic boy who is declared dead soon after.


Barakat told judge Bakhytkhan Bakirbayev, who questioned the pilot about Sophia’s ‘multiple blows’ injury, after a car accident in London she had suffered an epileptic attack, which she had been prone to since 1996-97.


“I had a seizure,” he said.


I don’t remember anything about what happened to Sophia.


He said, ‘You want me to inform you during the seizure, but I cannot inform you.’


“It was absolutely impossible for me to hurt a single hair on his head,” he said.


“Consciously or unconsciously, I would never ever hurt my own daughter.”


He also denied that he was in a drunken rage or had taken ‘illegal substances’ after a night out, on evidence that he may have used drugs for several days in Almaty between his flights.


Evidence of the wife suggested that before the tragedy there was a cannabis stash in her hotel room, but the police found no evidence of this and had taken cocaine before.


Barakat also claimed that the senior police inspector of the murder investigation ‘asked me for $ 60,000 to reclassify the case’.


The same detective concluded that the death was an ‘accident’, but also claimed that he had requested $ 1,000 in cash from Medina to be able to speak to him while in police custody.


“This is a disgrace,” he said.


Medina canceled an earlier statement and has now strongly denied accusing Barakat of killing her daughters.


“I don’t believe my husband killed our daughter because there is no reason or justification for this,” he said.


Receptionist Marzhan Ilyas remembered the English girl before the tragedy.


“I remember your daughters always smiling,” he said.


Sources in Kazakhstan denied that Barakat went on a hunger strike in court earlier this month.