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Madeleine McCann Biography – Madeleine McCann Wiki

Madeleine Mccann Wiki: Madeleine Madeline McCann was a three-year-old British kid once she disappeared on could three, 2007 whereas on vacation together with her family in a European country. Her unresolved missing-persons case has become a worldwide sensation. UN agency Is Madeleine McCann? Madeleine McCann was a three-year-old British kid once she went missing on the evening of could three, 2007 throughout a family vacation trip in a European country. Her oldsters, Kate and Gerry McCann, were thought-about suspects throughout the peak of the investigation by the Portuguese police, however, have since been cleared. The McCanns have used non-public investigators additionally to the Portuguese investigation, and in 2011 they received even a lot of help by Scotland Yard, that launched its own inquiry, referred to as Operation farm. even if the tenth day of her disappearance passed in could 2017, Madeleine McCann remains one in every of the foremost far-famed missing-persons cases within the U.K. and in a European country. can Age

Madeleine Beth McCann was born on 12 May 2003 in Leicester, England, United Kingdom.

Madeleine Mccann Parents

She was born to Gerry McCann and Kate McCann.

Madeleine Mccann Siblings

Her siblings are younger brother and sister, Sean and Amelie.

When and Where Was Madeleine McCann Born?

Madeleine was born in Leicester, England on May 12, 2003.

Madeleine McCann’s Age

Madeleine was three years old at the time of her disappearance. In 2012 a forensic artist showed a digital depiction of what she might’ve looked like at age nine.

Physical Description

Madeleine is described to have had blonde hair and green-blue eyes. The most important physical distinctions she had was a brown spot on her left calf and a rare, dark blemish in the iris of her right eye.

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