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This is the moment when a woman who says she is medically exempt from wearing a mask is ‘humiliated’ by an easyJet pilot over the speaker.


Lydia Rutter was returning from Tenerife to Manchester when she said that the flight attendants had begun to scold her for not covering her face.


Lydia takes medication to help her severe anxiety, but claims to be greeted by angry personnel who ‘turned the plane on her’ and even called the police.


However, easyJet says that passengers who cannot wear masks must provide a medical report or a doctor’s letter, and Lydia cannot do this.


The footage of the controversy was shared by her friend Nick Ball, who said she disgusted Lydia’s treatment.


One of the videos shows a member of the crew on board standing next to Lydia.


Then Lydia can be heard saying, ‘I’m having a panic attack, will you walk away from me?


Lydia then takes her head in her hands and asks Nick: “Lydia, why are you exempt?”


He replies: ‘I am medically exempt.’


Another video shows the captain’s announcement over the flight intercom, saying: ‘Please use your mask properly.


It creates discomfort in the passengers around you, and the last thing we want to do is to show this further on our way to Manchester.


We’ve all been on duty since six o’clock this morning.


Most of us left our homes in about five hours, so the last thing we want to do when we get back to Manchester is to call the police on the plane and deal with any additional climbs required.


One last time, please listen to the crew’s instructions and that way we won’t have to deal with this issue further, thank you. ‘


The flight then breaks out with the cheers of other passengers.


After the plane landed, Lydia was rescued from the plane by the police before being released without charge.


Enraged Nick took to Twitter to file a complaint and branded the episode as ’embarrassing’.


Government guidance states that passengers must wear face masks on an airplane in England, Scotland and Wales.


In Northern Ireland, passengers are recommended to wear face coverings on board.


The rules state that a face mask can be removed to eat and drink, take medications, communicate with someone who is confident in lip-reading, or to prevent harm or injury.


The government also recommends that passengers stay in the seat as long as possible and follow the cabin crew’s instructions.


EasyJet’s policy requires passengers who are exempt from wearing masks to provide a signed doctor’s letter or medical certificate, as stated on their website, and the company emphasizes that there is no need to state a reason for the exemption.


The policy also specifically states that they do not accept lanyards as evidence of medical exemption.


He wrote: ‘The pilot and your crew turned the entire plane against this woman.’


Lydia also revealed her side of the story on Facebook. He said: ‘Here are all the videos.


All the lies said I said I was more or less on the plane where I wasn’t.


I sat down, didn’t yell, cuss or behave badly – it just shows howcorrupt some people are.’

Speaking today, Nick said: ‘She was approached by the manager of the aircraft and was asked to put a mask on on numerous occasions even though she had her lanyard clearly visible around her neck.

‘The manager was stating that it is law and she should wear it even if she’s got an exemption.

‘With an exemption she shouldn’t have been asked to wear it over and over again.

‘The staff had basically turned half of the plane against her which is basically a form of bullying.

‘The pilot made it known over the speaker and embarrassed her.

‘The manager wasn’t even trying to keep any form of social distance from her yet she hung over her trying to intimidate her in my eyes.

‘Police did not need to be called as there was no swearing, no disruption, no nothing. They made her out to be some kind of lunatic.’

The interaction has disgusted social media users.

Nick Rowlands said: ‘I’ll never fly with easyJet again. Seen some shocking performances from loads of their members of staff from day one.’

Emma Wills added: ‘That’s shocking, nobody is meant to question why you aren’t wearing a mask so what gives the woman on the plane the right to do so!

‘You’re wearing a hidden disability lanyard that should have been enough.

‘I would have lost it especially with being shown up on the plane like that and then being threatened with an arrest for literally nothing.’

And Cassie Whitham commented: ‘Make sure you take this further.’

A spokesman for easyJet told MailOnline: ‘In line with guidelines, all passengers are currently required to bring their own face mask for their flight which must be worn during boarding and onboard.

‘We know some passengers may not be able to wear a mask and so we also inform all customers of what to do if they require an exemption which is to provide a medical certificate or doctors letter as evidence of an exemption.

‘This was not provided on this occasion.

‘Unfortunately, due to the passenger becoming disruptive, it was necessary for the police to attend on arrival in Manchester.

‘The safety and wellbeing of customers and crew is our highest priority.’