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Luisa Zissman Biography

Luisa Zissman Biography

Luisa Christina Zissman is an English retail entrepreneur and reality television personality. She was the runner-up on the ninth series of The Apprentice and appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 13.

Luisa Zissman Age

She is 32 years old.

Luisa Zissman Early life Parents 

Zissman was born in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire to a Greek father.

Luisa Zissman Education

She attended the Grove Independent school in Loughton, Milton Keynes and Northampton School for Girls.

Luisa Zissman Career

Her first employment was at an estate agent on Saturdays which she took at 16 to pay the upkeep costs for a horse her parents bought for her. One of her first post-school jobs was at Electronic Data Systems, but she later stated that she decided to go into business because she disliked being told what to do.

She is based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and she had her own baking website, eBay electronics business and cupcake shop (now closed) – Dixie’s Cupcakery, named after her daughter. Although she claimed on several occasions that these three businesses have a net worth of £1.5 million, The Independent valued the three businesses, all trading names of Boutique Trading Ltd of which Zissman is listed as director and company secretary, at £194. They also noted that the eBay electronics store she owned was a “one-stop-shop for several sellers, including electronics, baking and beauty products”.

Zissman came to public attention when she appeared on the ninth series of The Apprentice in 2013, where she was runner up.On 23 July 2013, Zissman appeared on BBC Radio 1’s Innuendo Bingo. In November 2013 she launched her business, named Bakers Toolkit, at the Cake International Show. Earlier, there had been some debate about whether the name should include an apostrophe. She joined the thirteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother on 3 January 2014. She finished fourth overall behind Jim Davidson, Dappy, and Ollie Locke. She has since appeared on Reality Bites and News Thing.

Luisa Zissman Married, Husband, Children

Zissman married her first husband, entrepreneur Oliver Zissman in 2009. Zissman gave birth to her first daughter, Dixie in 2010. Zissman and her husband divorced in 2014. While on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, she came out as bisexual and had sought treatment for sex addiction. Zissman married her second husband, Irish businessman Andrew Collins in 2015. The couple has two daughters.

Luisa Zissman EasyJet flight Video

Luisa Zissman has hit out at a ‘jobsworth’ stewardess on an EasyJet flight after she yelled at a family for failing to stop their child standing on his seat.

Apprentice star Luisa shamed the cabin crew member and claimed she threatened the family with a £100 cleaning fee.

The mother-of-three said the family had ‘limited English’ and called the stewardess an ‘idiot’ who was on a ‘disgusting power trip’.

She added that the little boy was not wearing any shoes and was standing on the seat and looking towards other family members sat in the row behind him.

She also claimed the seat belt signs were not on at the time the staff member was talking to the family.

Sharing a video of the confrontation on Instagram, Zissman wrote: ‘Here is the easyJet jobsworth woman. Such bad form.


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Here is the @easyjet jobsworth woman. Such bad form. For the record the seatbelt sign was NOT on, this family were not English & their English was limited. It was totally out of order intimidating behaviour. The little boy was about 2 and standing on the seat facing backwards to see his family in the row behind. He wasn’t crying or making any noise or fuss, poor little mite & poor parents! . . . Everyone knows how hard a flight is with a toddler let alone having some idiot harass you. The first thing she said which I sadly didn’t get on camera was “IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR CHILD AND STOP HIM STANDING ON THE SEAT I WILL FINE YOU £100 FOR CLEANING” the little boy didn’t even have shoes on!! . . . If she said that to me I would have got £100 and stuck it in her big gob. Travelling with children is so stressful, all the bollocks about safety was a load of crap so she could attempt to justify her disgusting power trip. Give someone an orange uniform and BAM ? . . . What would you do if faced with this @easyjet woman?!

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Love this pic thank you @dlcummings ballgowns & stallions really can mix ?? #pre #andalusian #stallion #dressage

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Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Apprentice star Luisa Zissman hits out at ‘jobsworth’ easyJet stewardess 
  • She posted an image of the woman on Instagram claiming she yelled at family 
  • Luisa said the family had ‘limited English’ and called the stewardess an ‘idiot’
  • She said she was on a ‘disgusting power trip’ after yelling at the family to stop their child standing on his seat