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Gunman who opened fire at Manhattan’s Cathedral of St. John: Luis Vasquez Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Luis Vasquez Biography

Luis Vasquez Biography – Luis Vasquez Wiki

Luis Vasquez was the gunman who shot dead by police after opening fire outside Manhattan’s famed Cathedral of St. John the Divine has been identified as a 52-year-old Bronx man once busted for attempted murder, police sources said Monday.

Luis Vasquez Age

He was 52 years old

Luis Vasquez Manhattan’s Cathedral of St. John New York Shooter

“Kill me!” Luis Vasquez said. Kill me! ”As police shot at him after firing into the air on Sunday afternoon, in August 1990 six people were arrested on his record, including the attempted murder.

Luis Vasquez Criminal Record

Sources said his other arrests included drug abuse, assault, and wage evasion.


Late Monday morning, while the NYPD was looking for a search warrant that allowed them to search his home for clues and other evidence, police were placed outside his apartment in the Bronx. A poster of a parchment of the ten commandments, written in Spanish, was taped to its front door.


“I can’t really talk to you about this right now,” a relative, believed to be Vasquez’s sister, told reporters when he arrived at Vasquez’s house on Monday.


A 42-year-old neighbor, Esteban Gil, said that Vasquez lived with his mother and shot him in a manner known to be shy and seemingly innocent, standing next to the stairs and smoking.


“You would never think such a person would be your neighbor,” Gil said. I never expected him to be such a person.


The shocking cell phone video obtained by the Daily News shows Vasquez standing at the top of the church’s stairs, saying “Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!” as gunfire crackles in the air like thunder.


“Then my job was to keep him behind this pole”: Manhattan church choir chief, hiding his friend behind the lamp post while the gunman fires »

Police say Vasquez just after he finished the cathedral choir’s open-air Christmas song show, which attracted hundreds of people, on W. 112th St., Amsterdam Ave.


Police said Vasquez, carrying guns in each hand, a bag full of guns, gas, tools and the Bible, began to be thrown into the air as the remaining audience fled.


“No one was shot today, thanks to God’s grace,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said after she was shot. “The steps were almost empty. He stopped playing music. ”


Three police officers opened fire on the suspect, receiving a fatal blow to the head.


Neighbors who heard the incident were shocked.


“A person who always has a smile on his face,” Claudio Castro said, 15-year-old Claudio Castro. “If we were listening to music downstairs. It would have come a little comfortable with us. We never expected that among all the people in the building.”


“He was a very good person for us,” said neighbor Maylim Castro in Spanish. “He would help us every time we go shopping. I was so shocked. ”