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Who is Louise Smith Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Louise Smith Wiki – Louise Smith Biography

Jurors today re-traced the final steps made by teenager Louise Smith before she was allegedly ‘cruelly and brutally’ murdered by her uncle.

30-year-old Shane Mays is accused of murdering a 16-year-old boy who was found “soiled and burned” 13 days after his fire-damaged body disappeared.


He had multiple blows to the head, causing the facial bone structure to collapse.


The 12 men and women who tried the case were taken to the Havant Bushcraft, Hampshire, and out of sight, shown where Mays was said to ‘lure’ the youngster before committing the ‘sexually motivated’ murder.


They were also taken to see the location of the apartment where Louise’s mother’s cousin and wife, known as CJ Mays, the victim’s aunt, Chazlynn Jayne Mays, and 30-year-old Mays lived.


Photos taken today reveal the scene in the Havant Bush for the first time.


The aspiring veterinary nurse disappeared in Havant on May 8 at 12:49 p.m. and led a large hunt until she was found by police on 21 May after an extensive search in Calilik.


The college student had started living with Mays and his wife CJ a few weeks before he disappeared, and the court was told that Mays was “flirting” with him.


Today the jurors were taken from the Winchester Royal Court and taken by the police to the Havant Bushes to see the spot where his ‘severely mutilated’ body was found.


Various locations were also cited in Havant’s Leigh Park area, including the shopping district they visited the night before Louise and Mays’ death, and a series of roads where Mayes were caught on CCTV while walking back from the Bushy.


Mays denies the murder, but agrees to the murder, claims that he ‘lost his temper’, and kills Louise by beating her after an argument. He denies that he tainted the young man and burned his body.


Prosecutor James Newton-Price QC told the court: ‘Louise’s body is burned and bruised so that we cannot say exactly that more than one of her wounds caused her death.


But it is clear that the killer either persuaded or tricked him into walking to a distant place where he attacked him.


We say that you may conclude that this was an unimaginable persecution against a vulnerable 16-year-old girl.


Broken bones and the structure of his face show that there have been many blows to his head.


There is background evidence that Louise was unhappy with Mays and his wife, and that she, a teenager, drank heavily at her home the night before she disappeared.


Louise Smith was only 16 years old. He was anxious, needy, mentally fragile and vulnerable to the attention of a predatory man who apparently flirted with him and lived in the same small flat. ‘

The trial continues.