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Lori Klausutis Bio

Lori Klausutis Bio

Lori Klausutis was an intern for Joe Scarborough. She was found dead at her desk aged 28 at around 8 a.m. by a couple who came to discuss a work permit issue. An autopsy noted that she had a hairline skull fracture, but concluded that she died of accidental death after an undiagnosed heart issue caused her to lose consciousness and hit her head on the desk.

Lori Klausutis Age

She was 47 years old.

Lori Klausutis Death

Klausutis’ body was “found July 20 around 8 a.m. by a couple who arrived at the office in Fort Walton Beach for an appointment. She was found slumped over next to a desk on the floor of Scarborough’s office. A second employee who was normally at the office was away on vacation, and it was determined that she was dead for some time.”

“A 28-year-old office worker for U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough was found dead Friday in the congressman’s district office. Preliminary findings from the medical examiner’s office showed no foul play or any outward indication of suicide, said Police Chief Steve Hogue. Authorities identified the woman as Lori Klausutis of Niceville. She had worked for Scarborough since May 1999, said Mick Serrano, press secretary for the congressman.”

A month later, a medical examiner concluded that Klausutis had been feeling unwell and had died after heart problemscaused her to fall and hit her head on the desk. No signs of foul play. Case closed.

Lori Klausutis Concerns

“The mainstream press largely ignored the case, but our review of several investigative reports indicates the official finding is highly questionable”.

Lori Klausutis “Health conditions”?

Scarborough’s press secretary, Miguel Serrano “also stated that Klausutis had known of prior “health conditions” but didn’t provide specifics when questioned. Now Serrano said this, but according to her family, she had no health condition. So why would Serrano say she did? But her own family is saying she didn’t?”

Lori Klausutis Trump’s 2017 Tweet

In November 2017, US President Donald Trump tweeted: So now that Matt Lauer is gone when will the Fake News practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin? And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the “unsolved mystery” that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!

This sparked further reporting by the commercially-controlled media, some of which used the phrase “conspiracy theory”. The Washington Post headlined its piece Trump suggested the 2001 death of a Joe Scarborough aide is an ‘unsolved mystery.’ It isn’t.

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