Edith Gonzalez’s Husband: Lorenzo Lazo Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife (Edith Gonzalez), Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Lorenzo Lazo Wiki

Lorenzo Lazo Wiki

Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez, a telenova star, was married to Lorenzo Lazo, who stood devotedly at his wife’s side as she fought cancer.

“She is my guardian angel, she is my great blessing of my life,” Lorenzo once said of his wife.

The actress has now died. The news of Gonzalez’s tragic death broke on June 13, 2019. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, although her official cause of death was not released. She is also survived by a daughter she had via a previous relationship.

Edith Gonzalez Was Married to the Director of a Law Firm, Who Posted a Black Bow on Twitter After Her Death

Lorenzo Lazo Wiki

According to the Latin Times, Edith Gonzalez was “currently married to Lorenzo Lazo Margain, director of law firm, Alemán Velasco y Asociados.

The site added: “The previously stated law firm is owned by Miguel Alemán Velasco, who is the son of former Mexican president Miguel Alemán Valdes.” On one recent Valentine’s Day, Gonzalez wrote simply on Instagram along with a photo showing her with Lorenzo: “My love.”

Lorenzo Lazo posted a photo of a black bow on his Twitter page as news of his wife’s death spread.

Gente con clase reported that “Lorenzo Lazo Margáin “is a 64-year-old economist” who “is the current director of the German law firm Velasco y Asociados, a law firm that belongs to Miguel Alemán Velasco, son of former president Miguel Alemán Valdés.”

According to Bloomberg, Gonzalez’s husband also “serves as the Chairman of the Board of CEOLL & M.M. Consultores S.C. He served as a Director of General de Seguros, S.A.B. He is an Economics Degree from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.” His full name is Lorenzo César Lazo Margain.

Edith Gonzalez Called Her Husband a ‘Man in Every Sense of the Word’

Throughout the years, Edith spoke glowingly about her husband. “He is a man of very deep beliefs. Lorenzo is smart,” she said, according to HOLA! magazine. “And not only possessor of a great intellectual intelligence, also emotional. He is a man in every sense of the word.”

In 2017, Edith and her husband appeared together on the cover of the magazine HOLA! Mexico. The photo showed her hair loss.

Lorenzo Lazo Wiki

She spoke in that article about how she was fighting cancer, saying, according to the magazine, “I am not a warrior, I am a lover of life.” They also frequently appeared at events together, such as at the opening of a Dior pop-up store.

Gente con clase reported that the marriage was a strong one, writing, “the marriage remains positive, happy and in love with life, characteristics that have helped them to get ahead and overcome any obstacle that comes their way.”

The Relationship Between Lorenzo Lazo & Edith Gonzalez Was Described as Firm & Stable

A 2018 article in the Spanish-language publication Gente con clase heaped praise on the couple’s relationship.

“Together they have formed an endearing family that stands firm and stable in adversities,” the article said, noting that Lazo “forms a key piece in Edith’s life, since it helped her on her way to recovering from ovarian cancer.”

According to Gente con clase, when Edith and Lorenzo were married she wore “a crown that belonged to Lazo’s family for decades.” The couple had known each other almost six years at the time they married, the magazine reports.

Gonzalez Said Her Relationship With Her Daughter’s Father Was Now Just Friends

Edith Gonzalez had other prominent relationships. “Edith Gonzalez had previously been linked to Santiago Creel Miranda, the former government secretary of the PAN political party. They both have a daughter in common,” Latin Times reported.

Her daughter is Constanza, 15.

People Magazine reported that Gonzalez spoke openly about her relationship with Santiago Creel.

She said she “had a torrid romance with him years ago” but that now “the only thing that binds them now is a great friendship,” the magazine reported.

“I had recently gotten out of a very difficult relationship, and he was searching for new horizons in his personal life. Perhaps what united us in that moment was solitude,” she was quoted as saying.

Lorenzo Lazo & Edith Gonzalez Lost a Baby

Edith Gonzalez and Lorenzo Lazo were married in 2010. However, in addition to her cancer battle, they weathered tragedy together.

According to IMDB, in 2010, Gonzalez revealed she was “engaged to economist Lorenzo Lazo, and that they were expecting a child. Unfortunately, with five months of gestation and a week before their wedding she lost the baby… A month later they happily got married.”


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