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Logan Pittman was pronounced dead last Thursday after detectives said that he ingested a controlled substance.

Logan Pittman was a 4-year-old California boy has passed away after authorities say he ingested a controlled substance while at his mother and stepfather’s Maple Valley home.

On July 23, Logan Pittman was rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center after he was found unresponsive inside an apartment off of Laguna and Kiowa Roads. At around 10:45 a.m., authorities responded to a call from the hospital. Logan had passed away in the emergency room.

Her grandmother called her ‘surprising little boy’.
The detectives said the incident occurred in a house in Apple Valley, California.

Grandma Kimberly Kelley told ABC7: “The only thing I know is that Logan has entered the methanol and has not received medical attention.”

Kelley’s son Chad was Logan’s father, who shared custody with the mother of the child who was not arrested.

The grandmother said to the exit that Logan’s mother had called 911 until the next day.

“When he was hospitalized, ABC said that he was unresponsive and that the hospital had been working on him for at least an hour and could not save his life.”

On July 23, after Logan Pittman was unresponsive in an apartment outside of Laguna and Kiowa Roads, St. He ran to Mary’s Medical Center. At around 10:45 am, the authorities answered a call from the hospital. Logan had died in the emergency room.

In a press release, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Coroners Division and John McMahon said, “Lawmakers learned that the child had received a controlled substance before he was hospitalized.

After meeting with the boy’s stepfather Anthony Williams, the authorities arrested him for suspected child hazard, which could result in major bodily injury or death. Although the detectives did not release additional details, the boy’s grandmother, Kimberly Kelley, told ABC 7 that Logan somehow “got into methadone”.