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Lluís Juste de Nin Wiki – Lluís Juste de Nin Biography

Lluís Juste de Nin was a Spanish illustrator, cartoonist and fashion designer. He worked as creative director for the Spanish fashion label Armand Basi. His work was first published in the 1960s. His cartoons were used in the publications of the political opposition to Francisco Franco. In these publications, Juste de Nin signed his work, “El Zurdo”. For many years, he was engaged in creating illustrations for articles by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán in Mundo Obrero.
The cartoonist and creative Lluís Juste de Nin has died this Thursday at the age of 75 due to illness. Born in Barcelona in 1945, he stood out in the world of illustration and comics, as well as in fashion. Among others, he was the father of the character of ‘La Norma’, that girl who in the eighties, on behalf of the Generalitat, taught to speak Catalan well. He also had a long career in the fashion sector as creative director of the Catalan firm Armand Basi , which had its golden moment in the 1990s.
Fashion gave him popularity, with his creations exhibiting on the catwalks in Paris, with one of the first brands that brought the Barcelona brand as a sign of creativity around the world. But he had a career as a draftsman and illustrator on his back, which he combined with his sketches for the family brand Armand Basi, a symbol of modernity, with collections inspired by swing, graffiti or New York.

Lluís Juste de Nin Age

He was 75 years old.


After the restoration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and ratification of the Spanish constitution of 1978, Juste de Nin was commissioned by the new Catalan Government to create a drawn character that, along with the texts of “Tísner”, would form the basis of a campaign to normalise the Catalan language. The character he drew was La Norma. Through the 1980s, Juste de Nin contributed with a weekly page to the periodical magazine, Canigó in a series called Petant la xerrada which illustrated contemporary Catalan life. He signed these drawings, L’Esquerrà.
In 2006, Juste de Nin was commissioned to design the float for the “Three Kings Parade”. The parade was dedicated to a “Year of the Book”. On his float, a jubilant Don Quixote and Sancho stood surrounded by children holding giant crayons.
The characters rode on a large book illustrated with Rocinante’s head. Juste de Nin was the costume designer for the September 2008 world premiere of the opera, La Celestina at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. He was also a member of the Cercle Catalanista de l’Ateneu Barcelonès, of the Foundation Andreu Nin; a partner at Òmnium Cultural; and member of the Patronat of the National Museum of Art in Catalonia.

Death and Cause fo Death

The cartoonist Lluís Juste de Nin died today at the age of 75, as confirmed by his family, a victim of cancer, suddenly. Professionally linked to the world of fashion through the Catalan firm Armand Basi, Juste is especially recognized for having given life to Norma , the girl who, with texts by Tísner , was the symbol of the first linguistic normalization campaign, Catalan, everyone’s business, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1982.