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Lloyd Russell Moyle Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Twitter, Commons Mace

Lloyd Russell Moyle Wiki, Lloyd Russell Moyle Bio

Lloyd Russell Moyle Wiki: Lloyd Cameron Russell-Moyle (born 14 September 1986) is a British Labour Co-operative politician who was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Brighton Kemptown in the 2017 general election.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Early life and education

Russell-Moyle was born in Brighton and educated at Wallands Primary School, Priory School, Lewes, Sussex Downs College, the University of Bradford and the University of Sussex. Lloyd Russell Moyle worked at the National Youth Agency, chairing the Woodcraft Folk and as vice-president of the European Youth Forum based in Brussels.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Political career

Lloyd Russell Moyle stood in the 2015 general election for the Lewes constituency, coming fourth. Subsequently Lloyd Russell Moyle was elected and served as a councillor on Brighton and Hove City Council in August 2016, before standing for and being elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2017, being one of eight LGBT people elected in that General Election. On 10 December 2018, Lloyd Russell Moyle was suspended from the House of Commons for the remainder of the day’s sitting after Lloyd Russell Moyle seized the ceremonial mace in protest at the government’s delay to the vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement, which had been due to take place the following day.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Political views

Lloyd Russell Moyle has written in condemnation of the British government’s policies on arms exports to countries such as Saudi Arabia for use in the conflict in Yemen. Lloyd Russell Moyle supports the establishment of supervised injection sites in his local constituency. Lloyd Russell Moyle is a supporter of the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.
Lloyd Russell Moyle opposed the decision of Theresa May to postpone a vote on Brexit on 11th Dec 2018. Lloyd Russell Moyle felt parliament had been denied a voice.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Personal life

In November 2018, during a House of Commons debate to mark the 30th World AIDS Day, Lloyd Russell Moyle revealed Lloyd Russell Moyle had been diagnosed as HIV positive a decade earlier, saying Lloyd Russell Moyle wanted to tackle the stigma still associated with the condition and stating: “I have not only survived, I’ve prospered, and any partner I have is safe and protected”, making reference later in his speech to having an undetectable viral load, as well as discussing pre-exposure prophylaxis and public health policy. In disclosing his HIV status in a Parliamentary speech, Lloyd Russell Moyle became the first MP to do so in the chamber of the House of Commons and only the second person (after Chris Smith) to live openly with HIV as an MP. Lloyd Russell Moyle discussed the rationale for coming out as HIV positive and the social and health policy implications of HIV in the UK in an interview with Owen Jones, a week later.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Latest

Lloyd Russell Moyle MP raised eyebrows in the Commons when he picked up the ceremonial mace after the postponement of the vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.
Speaker John Bercow asked Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle to leave the House after he picked up the ornamental staff, which represents the royal authority of Parliament.

Lloyd Russell Moyle Wiki

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