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Lisa Li Biography

Lisa Li Biography

Lisa Li is an online Chinese celebrity and internet influencer. she is familiar in China as a “wang hong.” Lisa has more than 1.1 million followers on Sina Weibo.

Her account, like that of many young Chinese influencers, is a glossy catalogue of travel adventures, parties, and fine-dining experiences.

Lisa, daily posts about her lavish vacations, stylish wardrobe, and pricey gourmet dinners. The reality of her disgusting living conditions laid bare when her fed-up landlady, filmed the mess left at her flat in the northern city of Xi’an.

Lisa Li Age

She is 23 years old.

Lisa Li Parents

Lisa Li born on her mother and father in the year 1996 in China. Meanwhile, her age is around 23 years old (as of 2019).

Lisa Li Education

She studied English and Literature in her High School. After that, she passed the exam and admitted to the local university in China. She continued her Bachelor’s course.

Lisa Li Personal Life, Boyfriend

The social media sensation keeps her private space secret. She hates interference from the media side. Still, Li has not revealed about her spouse. She may not be married at this moment.

Lisa Li Exposed

She has exposed to living a “double life” after her landlord revealed her filthy living conditions, which contrasted with the glamorous image she presented online.

Li’s landlord, who only provided the surname Chen, said that even professional cleaners refused to deal with the disgusting conditions” the online sensation left when she moved out adding that her flaky tenant also owes 3,000 yuan ($420) in utility bills.

Chen tried on multiple occasions to get in touch and reporting Li who says she was on a business trip to the police, Chen said posting a revenge video was her last resort.

The gnarly clip of Li’s fake life has now gone viral as some 60,000 of her former followers have turned their backs on the social media personality.

Later she met her landlady to apologize, and the pair were filmed shaking hands promising to clean up her derelict digs and then shaking hands.

Complete responsibility lies with me on this incident. I will clean now; I will even clean overnight, said Li.

She claimed she had been away on a business trip and did not want to leave her dog elsewhere. Another clip, posted on her Weibo account, after the video went viral also shows her publicly apologizing.

Lisa Li Apartment Video

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Lisa Li’s Sina Weibo blog channel showcases her supposedly luxury-laden life
  • She has more than 1.1 million followers on the Sina Weibo platform
  • But in reality, she was holed up in a grimy apartment in Xi’an, northern China 
  • However, her internet image affected due to the controversy.
  • It was littered with rubbish and rotten food, to the despair landlady of Ms. Chen
  • She told the police team that Chen uploaded the video to take revenge.
  • Ms. Li has since apologized to Ms. Chen but has suffered damage to public profile
  • In addition to this, she went for the trip when the video made.
  • Lisa kept her pet dog in somewhere else.
  • She posed an apology video on the internet.
  • In her past videos, Lisa Li told that traveling and partying with friends are her hobbies.