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Who is Linda Stoltzfoos Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Linda Stoltzfoos Wiki – Linda Stoltzfoos Biography

Linda Stoltzfoos Missing, It appears to be related to the missing girl, although she claims to have never met her, a suspect behind bars and accused of the disappearance of young Linda Stoltzfoos of Pennsylvanian.
Justo Smoker, who is currently left behind due to abduction and false prison sentences for the disappearance of Stoltzfoo, is a distant relative of the 18-year-old missing Amish teenager. Loren Johns, a retired professor from the Anabaptist Mennonite Bible Seminar, sent a chart summarizing the relationship to the family, although he has not yet approved the family.

Missing Teen Linda Stoltzfoos Suspect

According to researchers, Smoker kidnapped Stoltzfoos on June 21 on his way home from a church in Pennsylvania Bird-in-Hand on a farm on Stumptown Road. Authorities arrested the smoker red Kia Rio on June 21 at 12:21 am after seeing security footage in the 500 blocks of Beechdale Road.
The two witnesses told the police that Stoltzfoo saw a red Kia Rio on the roads of Amish and Stumptown, where he was last seen. One of the witnesses said they saw an Amish female on the front passenger side of the vehicle.

Where is Linda Stoltzfoos

Although Stoltzfoo has not been found yet, researchers think he has been harmed.
Penn Live told a third witness, Isaac Esh, that he had seen officials see a red car going east on Stumptown Road, where the Stoltzfoos church was open. and 12:45 reported that Esh had the driver stopped at the spot, turned the car and headed in the direction of the church.
Soon after his disappearance, authorities began to focus on the 3104 Harvest Drive near the village of Ronks. The same Kia Rio was spotted there on June 23; one called the police and reported a “suspicious vehicle” parked behind a business run by a dark-skinned man.
The caller said that the man got out of his car, looked at the windows of the job, walked around the building, then returned to his car.
The caller was able to remove the license plate information of the vehicle. Police said the car in question belonged to the Smoker, but the car left when the authorities arrived.
During the investigations, the authorities were buried in the ground next to a bra and a pair of socks. Investigators said the items belonged to Stoltzfoos.


On June 21, the FBI received cell phone records that placed Smoker’s phone around 3104 Harvest between 2:32 pm. and 15:35
Investigators ask everyone in the region to stand out if they remember seeing Kia in the area. Some of the car’s different features include the black trim, the “LCM” sticker on the trunk, a lost wheel cover by the front passenger and the rear spoiler.
Stoltzfoos’ journey from church to home was about a tenth of a mile. Investigators believe he was on the way while walking home due to a stream between the church and his residence. They also believe that Smoker pulled his car on a farm lane and approached Stoltzfoos while walking.
It is reported that improved security footage shows two people walking along Beechdale Road while walking at Stoltzfoos’s home. The camera couple caught briefly about 34 seconds before leaving the sight. Minutes later, the camera caught a red Kia Rio pulling it out.
Meanwhile, the search for Stoltzfoos continues. About 200 volunteers gathered outside New Holland on Friday, according to WGAL reporter Barbara Barr.
Anyone who has any information about where adolescents are located should contact the East Lampeter Township Police Department at 717 291-4676 or send a tip online via Crimewatch.


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