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Who is Libby Scott Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Libby Scott Wiki – Libby Scott Biography

Good Morning Britain audiences burst into tears after an 11-year-old girl met one of the nursing home residents whom she sent a letter to during the epidemic to combat loneliness.


Libby Scott of Haverfordwest is writing to the Pembrokeshire Lynnefield Nursing Home residents because he wanted them to feel they had ‘someone to talk to’.


When she appeared with her father Andrew on the show, she met assistant Barbara Smith, who said that what Libby did was ‘very special’, especially because of Covid restrictions she couldn’t see her family.


Viewers were impressed by the meeting, calling Libby the ‘cute little girl’ and admitting that the heartwarming moment left them to tears.


“Those living in nursing homes feel lonely,” said Libby.


“The people they know may not live close, and it is nice for them to feel and be assigned to the people in this world”.


When asked if he received any response to his letter, he said, ‘I have never received any response from nursing homes.


However, host Susanna Reid said, ‘We were in contact with someone you contacted.


Libby then had a video interview with Barbara, as well as veteran caregivers Jo Heritage and Louise Barret, who praised the little girl for her work and invited her to safely visit the home.


‘We were really excited to receive your letters, it really boosted our spirits,’ said Jo.


Barbara continued: “It’s a very special thing you did and you helped us here at Lynnefield, especially when we couldn’t see our family and friends, so thank you.”


Louise added: “Please come when it’s safe and join us for afternoon tea.”


Viewers soon went to Twitter to praise Libby and with a post: ‘My heart is how cute that little girl Libby is !!


Another said, ‘Damn GMB makes me cry this morning.’


Another praised Andrew’s festive jump inscription: “To love Libby’s father, who proudly represents his daughter and his love for Christmas with his sweater!”


Speaking about his daughter, Father Andrew said, “I have two daughters, I am proud of both, I don’t know what to say, he’s going after his mother.”


Libby added: “It’s nice to see people get the letters and it makes them feel less alone and a little bit cheery.”