Liam McAtasney Biography

Jailed for Life: Liam McAtasney Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Murder Class Meet (Sarah Stern), Fast Facts You Need to Know

Liam McAtasney Biography

Liam McAtasney Biography

Liam McAtasney was a young boy from new jersey. was convicted in February on several charges related to the murder of his former friend and high school classmate, Sarah Stern, 19, in December 2016. Liam McAtasney was found guilty of strangling his friend and throwing her body of a bridge to stage the death as suicide has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Liam McAtasney Age

He is 21 years old.

Liam McAtasney Sentenced

Liam McAtasney Biography

According to Judge Richard W. English also gave McAtasney an additional ten year sentence for one charge of desecration of human remains and one charge of conspiracy to desecrate human remains.

Prosecutors claimed McAtasney strangled Stern and dumped her body off the Route 35 bridge in Belmar, in a bid to make it look like she took her own life.

Liam McAtasney Work/Career

McAtasney worked with Preston Taylor, 21, also a former classmate, to try to steal what they believed was $100,000 in a house owned by Stern’s family.

Taylor pleaded guilty to six charges involving robbery and the treatment of human remains and is scheduled to be sentenced next week, according to

Liam McAtasney Stealing Money

McAtasney was also found guilty of stealing nearly $10,000 Stern’s mother had left to her and burying it.

Liam McAtasney Murder Sarah Stern and Cause of Killing

Liam McAtasney Biography

Liam McAtasney also discussed the murder with another classmate, Anthony Curry, in a secretly recorded conversation that was heard and regarded as crucial evidence during the trial.

In December 2016, McAtasney and accomplice, Preston Taylor, threw Sarah Stern’s body off a bridge before leaving her car there to make it look like the 19-year-old killed herself. Her body has never been found

Stern’s father Michael and other family members were present in court as the sentence was handed down and wore various shades of purple, which was his daughter’s favorite color.

McAtasney went onto tell his friend that he needed Taylor’s help dumping Stern’s body off the Route 35 bridge because he didn’t realize how heavy she would be.

In the video, McAtasney also talks about he thought he was going to get $100,000 by robbing Stern of her inheritance after killing her, but that he only got $8,000.

‘The worst part of it is I thought I was going to come out $50,000 to a $100,000 in my pocket. She had one safe that she took money out, and she only had $10,000,’ he said.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • He was given a life sentence without parole after being found guilty of the murder of his childhood friend, Sarah Stern, 19, in December 2016
  • With the help of an accomplice, Preston Taylor, McAtasney threw her body off a bridge and left her car at the scene to make it look like suicide
  • In court Friday, Stern’s father Michael tearfully spoke of the impact of his death 
  • At his trial, jurors saw a videotape in which McAtasney describes how he killed Stern in order to rob her of her inheritance and it took her a half hour to die 
  • The tape was recorded by another high school classmate, Anthony Curry,  who was secretly cooperating with investigators
Liam McAtasney Biography