Who is Li Zehua Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know
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Who is Li Zehua Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Li Zehua Wiki – Li Zehua Biography

Li Zehua is a Chinese Journalist from Wuhan city and missing from two months. She was ‘disappeared’ after Wuhan chase reappears

Li Zehua Missing

Li Zehua is a Chinese citizen journalist, rapper, and YouTuber. The journalist who went missing in February 2020 has re-appeared. He initially went missing after another journalist, Chen Qiushi, went missing. In his first video from Wuhan, he explained why we were.
Li Zehua was one of three Chinese journalists who had been reporting from the front lines in Wuhan during some of the worst weeks of the epidemic. He was last seen on 26 February after posting a video in which he was chased by a white SUV and an hours-long live-stream that ended when several agents entered his apartment.
In a video posted on YouTube, Weibo and Twitter Li said on 26 February the white SUV had pulled out in front of him while he was driving in the Wuchang district in Wuhan and the people in it yelled for him to stop. I panicked and drove off with the car in pursuit, recording the video that he posted online later that day.

Li Zehua Age

Li was born in 1995 in Pingxiang, Jiangxi.

Li Zehua Career

Li joined China Central Television (CCTV) as a television presenter in 2016 after graduating from the Communication University of China.
During the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic in China, he resigned from CCTV and found a way to get into Wuhan in hopes of following in the footsteps of disappeared journalist Chen Qiushi. With the locals’ help, he was able to get a car and find a place to stay. In the following days, he used a vlog to report on the true situation in Wuhan.
He disappeared on February 26th, 2020, presumed detained by officers from state security. Parts of his chase with the Wuhan authorities were caught on video and uploaded to YouTube. It was reported that Li Zehua returned to the hotel on February 28th. However, other reports stated that no one has heard from Li since his disappearance.
On April 22nd, 2020, Li posted a video on Youtube, Twitter, and Weibo. According to Li, he was escorted on February 26th to the police station and was under investigation for disrupting public order. Additionally, police detained and quarantined him, citing his visits to sensitive epidemic areas. Li’s quarantine was at first in Wuhan and later moved to his hometown. Li stated he had been treated well by the police during the detention, and that he had been released on March 28th. According to The Guardian, Li’s neutral tone in the video was very different from his previous videos. Activist Ou Biaofeng stated the authorities may have pressured Li to make the brief statement.
“Before I entered Wuhan, a friend who worked in the Chinese mainstream media told me… all the bad news about the epidemic has been collected by the central government.
“The local media can only report good news about the patients’ recovery and so on. Of course, it remains uncertain whether that’s true because this is just what I heard from my friends.”

In his videos, he reported on a local neighborhood committee’s efforts to cover up new infections and interviewed sick residents. He visited a crematorium where a worker said people were being paid more to transport bodies.
At the time Li said: “I don’t want to remain silent or shut my eyes and ears. It’s not that I can’t have a nice life, with a wife and kids. I can. I’m doing this because I hope more young people can, like me, stand up.”
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Yet, in closing his video on Wednesday, Li quoted a line from a Confucian text about staying true to one’s beliefs. “The human heart is unpredictable, restless. Its affinity to what is right is small. Be discriminating, be uniform so that you may hold fast,” he said.

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