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Authorities continue to search for a missing Georgian mother Leila Cavett who has not been seen for days. His toddler son was found walking around Florida hundreds of miles away from home on Sunday.

Police are looking for a missing mother. 21. The toddler son of Cavett, identified as Kamdyn Cavett Arnold, was found alone and outside an apartment complex from the 1860 block of SW 68th Street in Miramar.
The witness, Ebony Williams, said that he had seen the little boy crying and wearing only diapers and T-shirts.
“I heard the baby crying, so I passed it and realized that it was on its own,” Williams said. “Tell her,” Where’s your mom? “I asked. And as he points out everywhere. ”
Williams contacted the police after knocking on the doors and asking people if they knew where to find the boy’s mother or caregiver. The police later found the boy’s family members in Alabama. Now he’s safe with them, but Cavett is still missing.
Alive News said that the Mirimar police actually departed from Alabama at some point Cavett left North Georgia and headed for Florida. However, Cavett’s sisters said that they did not hear Cavett’s ties with Florida. They also said that Cavett didn’t mention any plans to go there.
Cavett’s sister, Gina Lewis, told NBC 6 “Going to places is not a character for her, but it’s definitely out of character in Florida.” “We are in Alabama, live in Georgia. If these two states are not, we certainly do not understand why it would be here. ”
On Wednesday, Miramar police announced via Twitter that “due to the latest developments” the Hollywood Police Department in Florida took over as the leading agency of the case.
CBS Miami reported that the authorities thought Cavett was the last in Hollywood and was in danger.
His family members called Cavett’s cell phone several times, but he rang and rang until his voicemail was received. Cavett’s grandmother, the last person in the family who contacted him, received a “thumb” from her on July 26 through the Facebook envoy.
The family told CBS Miami Cavett was a single mother and had no relationship with the boy’s father.
Cavett is 5 feet-4-inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds. He has a tattoo on his right inner sleeve with a handwritten “Kamdyn” tattoo and a small “Jesus fish” tattoo on his right wrist.
Finally, Cavett saw that he used the white Chevy 3500 truck with burgundy or red tailgate and the “Baby on Board” sign on the passenger window.
Anyone with information should contact the Hollywood Police Department in Florida or call 911.