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Whip George Floyd in Viral TikTok Video: Lauren Swist Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Lauren Swist Biography

Lauren Swist Biography, Lauren Swist Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Lauren Swist is a South Carolina teen who is facing backlash after she filmed herself pretending to whip George Floyd in a now-deleted TikTok video.

Lauren Swist, a high school student and cheerleader at Socastee High School in Myrtle Beach, was identified as the creator of the racist video that mocked the death of Floyd, an unarmed Black man whose death in police custody caused global outrage in May. According to the Daily Dot, Swist originally shared the video on their TikTok account around December 18.

The clip, titled “George Floyd:” Can I borrow a dollar, “shows a Swist standing in front of a close-up picture of Floyd’s face. Then, according to the video, an image of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck. cuts.


Swist pretends to lip-sync the N word during a line from Klondike Blonde’s 2018 single Drip, while on TikTok she pretends to whip the measured man.


The video quickly went viral after Twitter user @ myramenisbeuno posted the post on December 20: “Lauren Swist posted a racist TikTok about George Floyd, even taking a belt and pretending to whip him. Lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. ”


The video collected more than 40,000 views and inspired a wave of online anger, many of which condemn the young person as racist.


“To babies who sympathize with Lauren Swist and plead with me to consider ‘mental health’… what about George Floyd’s family mental health?” Someone tweeted on December 20. “You know she has a little girl. Right?”


Swist has since deleted social media accounts and could not be reached for comment.


The Daily Dot said in a statement posted on Snapchat that Swist apologized for what they did.


Swist writes in the screenshot of the apology circulating on Twitter: “I sent this to someone I trust and they took it too far by sending it to someone they knew would share because they were angry with me and wanted to. hurt me ”


He added that the video was “taken out of context” according to the screenshot.


“If you know me personally, I am not racist and I would never want to hurt people like that, even if it sounds obviously like that,” Swist wrote.


On December 23, Socastee High School announced on Twitter that it was “aware” of the “racist offensive” post and was investigating the incident.

The statement said, “Socastee High is aware of a recent racially offensive social media post by one of our students.” “The pictures and language used in the post were disappointed, shocked and deeply upset and do not represent the values ​​of our school.”


Although no names were disclosed in the statement, Twitter users had previously tagged the school’s account with recordings of the clip that identified Swist as criminal. Many asked the school for answers on how they plan to progress.


On December 20, someone tweeted: “@SocasteeHS Why is your student Lauren Swist posting racially abusive content online? Does this reflect your school’s culture and values? What consequences will she face?”


Socastee High School stated in a statement that it is “determined to advocate diversity, cultural awareness and civic pride while providing a nurturing environment for our students and staff.”