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Who is Lauren Fagen Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Lauren Fagen Wiki – Lauren Fagen Biography

Lauren Fagen is one of the survivalists participating in Sunday’s edition of Naked and Afraid. While participants typically survive in groups of two, the newest episode is a unique tribe episode. That means two sets of people will survive in the while for a certain number of days, and then will connect as a group to finish the rest of the 21-day journey.
One thing that sets Lauren apart from the other challengers is that she’s the survivor of a lion attack. When she was volunteering in 2013 at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, a South African rehabilitation facility, she was then dragged by her legs into the cage while she was cleaning another cage. One of the volunteers saved her life. Lauren was 18 years old at the time. She recovered from the attack but was left with massive scars on her legs.
She found out about Naked and Afraid through a Facebook group of people who survived attacks by sharks and other animals. Producers had reached out to one of Lauren’s friends, but he suggested the Canadian 25-year-old would be a better fit. Lauren talked with producers several times, telling them about her strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately she was chosen for the show.

Lauren Fagen Around Lions Again

After surviving a lion attack and rubbing shoulders with the big cats again, Lauren said she felt numb.
“I didn’t feel much,” she said, “to the point where I was concerned because I was starting to wonder where my emotions were. I usually have a normal range of emotions, but for the most part I had a feeling of global numbness, followed by a little panic, but it was fast and numbness would cover it again. ”
Lauren believed that detachment was a defense mechanism. “I think it works, but it’s a defense mechanism that I didn’t really choose to have because I couldn’t get out of it even when I wanted to,” she said.