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Who is Laura Loomer? (Wins Florida GOP Primary) Biography – Laura Loomer Wiki

Loomer is one of the most high-profile figures of this movement — and one of its most controversial. She has described Islam as a “cancer on humanity” and said that Muslim candidates should not be allowed to hold office in America. She has called herself a “proud Islamophobe.”
Far-right, anti-Muslim commentator and activist Laura Loomer won the Republican nomination in Florida’s 21st Congressional District primaries on Tuesday (August 18th).
The New York Times announced Republican primary elections in favor of Loomer, with 45.2% of the vote. His two rivals, Christian Acosta and Michael Vilardi, won 25.5 and 12.3 respectively.
In the days leading up to the election, Acosta, a staunch Trump supporter, tweeted and retweeted several posts criticizing Loomer. One in particular voiced doubts about Loomer’s trademark censorship screams, banning from numerous social media companies.
Loomer was banned from almost all social media platforms such as Paypal and Uber due to a history of provocative anti-Muslim statements, and credentials were obtained from the Conservative Political Action Conference last year.
Still, President Donald Trump congratulated Loomer on the primary win, saying Trump had “a great chance” against the Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel, whom he called “Pelosi puppet”.
Loomer grew up as a Jew in Arizona and attended college in Massachusetts early, because he told Forward magazine that he felt targeted because he was too conservative.
For years he has worked with James O’Keefe’s controversial activist organization Project Veritas and conspiracy theorist and commentator Jack Posobiec, according to the New York Times newspaper.
After the terrorist attack inspired by ISIS in October 2017 in New York City, Loomer took him off Twitter, declaring himself a “proud Islamophobic”, Right Wing Watch reported.
Loomer’s tweets dated October 31, 2017 are no longer available, according to RWW.
Then let me be the first to say I never want another Muslim entering this country EVER AGAIN! #ProudIslamophobe
Leave it to Muslims to ruin everything. People can’t even enjoy #Halloween without those savages f***ing everything up for everyone.

“I support freedom of speech, expression and religion for all Americans,” Acosta said. “Hate speech and racism are vile, but we must also distinguish between the government muzzling citizens and private companies banning those who have violated their terms of service. They are not the same thing.”
Frankel has been in Congress since 2013 and chairs the House Democratic Women’s Caucus. Her district is also solidly Democratic, the Associated Press reported.
Frankel did not post a statement to Twitter on Loomer’s primary win. Heavy reached out to her communications office for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

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Loomer also spread doubt about school shootings, including at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Sandy Hook Elementary Schools, according to Newsweek’s reporting.
J.T. Lewis, whose younger brother was killed at Sandy Hook, expressed his displeasure at Loomer’s primary win, given her past comments about school shootings, journalist Yashar Ali noted. Lewis is an outspoken Trump supporter and member of his campaign, according to his Twitter profile.

In a tweet that since appears to have been deleted, Lewis said, “Laura Loomer is a Parkland and Sandy Hook hoaxer. She has no place in the Republican Party I know!”
Loomer found himself banned from almost all major social media platforms, as well as Lyft, Uber and Paypal, Hill reported.
He was expelled from a number of platforms in 2017 after hateful rhetoric towards Muslims. Uber and Lyft banned him from ridesharing apps. “Someone needs to create a non-Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver,” said Loomer, following a whirlwind of tweets directed at Muslims following the New York City attack.
According to the news outlet, he tagged both companies in the tweet, and both companies confirmed to NBC News that they banned it.
Loomer has been permanently banned from Twitter since 2018, when Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted that he was anti-Semitic and supports female circumcision and “Sharia”, Buzzfeed News reported.
Twitter reps told Buzzfeed that the ban could not be appealed, but Loomer made headlines by handcuffing it to the front doors of Twitter’s headquarters in New York, demanding that his account be reinstated.

Loomer shouted and held up signs while several onlookers live streamed the spectacle, the Cut reported. After a few hours she asked police to cut her free, because it was cold outside, the outlet reported.
Instagram and Facebook have also banned Loomer from holding accounts with them, for similar reasons, according to CNN. And Paypal, Venmo and GoFundMe all banned her last year, according to the Daily Beast.