Who is Mike Fleiss's Wife: Laura Fleiss Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Known Facts
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Who is Mike Fleiss's Wife: Laura Fleiss Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Known Facts

Laura Fleiss Bio

Laura Fleiss is Mike Fleiss wife. She is a former Miss America winner, filed an emergency domestic violence restraining order against her 55-year-old husband Mike Fleiss on Tuesday.

Laura Fleiss Age

She is 31 years old.

Laura Fleiss Kids

He Has a 4 years old son.

Mike Fleiss Attacked and Laura Fleiss Statements

She claims the attack occurred on July 6 and was captured on surveillance cameras at their home.
Laura Fleiss claims Fleiss attacked her after demanding she gets an abortion because he didn’t want a second child, according to court documents first obtained by The Blast.
Laura said she is 10 weeks pregnant with her second child.

Mike Fleiss Divorce

It comes just a week after Fleiss filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has been married since 2014.
throughout the listening to on Tuesday, Laura’s attorney Samantha Spector offered surveillance pics of the alleged attack and snapshots of the accidents she suffered in the July 6 incident.
Laura claimed in court documents that Fleiss had been verbally abusive towards her on a number of events in their 5 12 months marriage but became ‘enraged’ in current weeks after finding out she changed into pregnant.
She stated Fleiss demanded on July 4 that she get an abortion at the same time as their son Benjamin became of their domestic in every other room.
‘Mike advised me, ‘when you have an abortion, then we can simply move again to the manner we have been’,’ Laura stated, consistent with the court docket documents.
She claims he time and again demanded to see bank statements to look if she paid for an abortion. Laura said she had scheduled an appointment for August 5 given ‘Mike’s insistence and strain’.
Laura claims she called her mother on July 5 however Fleiss allegedly grabbed the phone and informed her she couldn’t see her daughter till after she’d had the abortion.
‘This declaration became especially horrifying to me, as I had now not personally committed to having an abortion but had made an appointment given Mike’s insistence and strain. I had no idea what exactly he supposed by it and interpreted it as a hazard that he might save you my circle of relatives from having contact with me or my son,’ she said in court docket files.
She claimed that Fleiss forcibly grabbed her cellular telephone from her fingers on July 6 at the same time as she changed into worrying for their sick son.
Laura claims in courtroom files that she accompanied him outdoor begging for her phone again. She said she feared she wouldn’t have a manner to touch police if he have become violent.
as soon as outdoor the house, Fleiss allegedly pinned her against a wall and held her there before she controlled to break loose.
‘when I broke free, he persisted to use his fingers and hands to aggressively push me far away from him as he walked outdoor the door, nonetheless not returning my phone,’ Laura stated in court documents.
‘Then he walked closer to his choose-up truck parked outside in our driveway, shouting ‘i am going to punch your face in’.’
Laura said she stood at the running board of her husband’s truck in a bid to get her telephone returned, however, he allegedly placed the automobile into the opposite.
She claims he then has driven her off the running board and drove away.
‘Our unborn baby and I could have been severely injured if I had fallen off the truck’s going for walks board or run over the wheels of the truck,’ Laura claimed.