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Who is Larcenia Floyd (George Floyd’s Mother) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Larcenia Floyd (George Floyd’s Mother) Wiki – Larcenia Floyd (George Floyd’s Mother) Biography

Larcenia Floyd is the best known as the mother of George Floyd, who called for his mother in the viral video that has sparked unrest throughout the country and calls for police reform. His mother was named Larcenia Floyd, and she died in 2018 in Texas, according to her obituary.
George Floyd, of course, is the Minneapolis man whose restraint in police custody was captured on video and has sparked protests and riots throughout the country. Four former Minneapolis police officers are now facing criminal charges in connection with Floyd’s death.
While he was pinned to the ground by the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, Floyd, 46, called out, “Mamma! Mamma!”

Who was Larcenia Floyd (George Floyd’s Mother)

Her FindaGrave page says that Larcenia “Sissy” Jones Floyd was born in 1947 in New Hope, North Carolina and died at age 71 on May 30, 2018 in Harris County, Texas. She is buried in Pearland, Texas.
Her husband was George Perry Floyd, Sr., who died at age 53 in 2002. He was born and died in North Carolina.
According to Arkansas Online, Larcenia worked at a burger stand called Guidry’s when Floyd was growing up, and Floyd would go there often.
“Sometimes we’d just go through there, and he’d go check on his mom and we would grab a burger or fries and a drink or something,” said friend Herbert Mouton to the site. “It was a simple thing. Just going to check on his mom at work.”

Larcenia Floyd Children

George Floyd was the oldest of five siblings. According to the Post, Floyd was born in Fayetteville, N.C., in 1973. His mother was named Larcenia Jones Floyd.
The New York Times described how Larcenia raised her children in one of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods; her son George was a star athlete growing up. He made it to college before getting into trouble with the law and then making his way to Minneapolis for a new start, The Times reported.
According to the Times, that neighborhood was called the Bricks. His mother moved there after splitting from Floyd’s father. She raised her kids in a public housing complex called Cuney Homes in Houston.
Larcenia “was among the leaders of Cuney Homes and an active member of the resident council,” noted The Times, which added that she also raised some of her grandchildren and her neighbors’ children.