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Landra Gould Bio: Landra Gould was born to Jewish immigrant parents and grew up in Henderson.  Landra Gould husband, Harry Raid is a member оf thе Democratic Party, hе hаѕ served аѕ thе Senate Minority Leader ѕinсе January 2015, аnd hаѕ previously served аѕ Majority Leader, Minority Whip, аnd Majority Whip.

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Harry Reid and his better half, Landra Gould Reid met amid his lesser year of secondary school, Landra Gould was then a sophomore. They wedded in 1959; and together hаvе fivе youngsters: 4 Children (Rory Reid, Key Reid, Leif Reid, Josh Reid) and one little girl Lana Reid.

Their oldest child, Rory, was a chosen official for Clark Region, Nevada, of which he progressed toward becoming executive and 2010 Fair candidate in the race for Legislative leader of Nevada. Another child kept running for city office in Cottonwood Statures, Utah.

Reid and his family live in the Song of praise region of Henderson, Nevada. Reid (who has raised skeptic) and his better half (who was destined to Jewish settler guardians and experienced childhood in Henderson) changed over to The Congregation of Jesus Christ of Contemporary Holy people while he was an undergrad. In a 2001 meeting, he stated, “I think it is a lot simpler to be a decent individual from the Congregation and a Democrat than a decent individual from the Congregation and a Republican.”

Harry Reid Pancreatic cancer

On fourteenth May 2018, Reid had a medical procedure for pancreatic malignant growth at Johns Hopkins Disease Center after a tumor was found on his pancreas amid a normal screening.

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On first January 2015, Reid was harmed while practicing in his home a bit of gear he was utilizing destitute, making him fall. Accordingly, Reid endured broken ribs, broken facial bones and was in danger of changeless vision misfortune in his correct eye. On 26th January 2015, Reid experienced medical procedure to expel blood coagulation from his correct eye and fix facial bones.

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