Who is Landon Grier? Man refuses to wear mask on a plane, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Landon Grier? Man refuses to wear a mask on a plane, Wiki, Bio

Landon Grier is a Colorado man who is alleged to have exposed himself. And urinating in his seat while on a flight from Seattle to Denver. This after refusing orders from flight attendants to put on a mask.

Landon Age

He is 24-years-old.

Airline passenger accused of refusing mask, then urinating | Daily Mail Online

Grier Refusal to wear a mask

On March,9 while on a flight to Denver, Landon refused to wear a face mask. Which is an airline policy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further according to the criminal complaint it says a female flight attendant asked him at least eight times to put on a mask and he declined. In addition he ignored the request and was rude to the attendant.

Landon Grier, Alaska Airlines passenger, arrested after refusing mask, urinating in cabin – Washington Times

Landon Urinating on the plane

After his first incident, a passanger called the flight attendants. Because Grier had stood up and urinated at his seat. Moreover he exposed his penis. His misbehaviour was reported to the pilot who got distracted from preparing the cabin for landing. Which endangered the safety of the passengers.

Grier Statement

During his interview with an FBI agent, Landon says he was returning home fter working in a gold mine in Alaska. He adds that he dosen’t remember much of the flight as he was drunk and he had taken some painkiller. Due to the fact that his body was aching from working. Finally he says he was asleep and woke up to people yelling at him.

London Charges

He was arrested and charged for interfering with the flight crew. Later on March 11, he got released on an unsecured $10,000 bond. He faces up to 20 years in prision.