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Who is Kylah Coleman (Wayfair Trafficking Scheme) Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Kylah Coleman (Wayfair Trafficking Scheme) Wiki – Kylah Coleman (Wayfair Trafficking Scheme) Biography

The National Center for Missing & Exploited children along with the Cleveland Division of Police is asking for the public’s help finding a 16-year-old girl who has not been seen since Thursday.
According to officials, Kylah Coleman was last seen in Cleveland and may either be there or in the Akron or Richmond Heights areas. In addition, “she may need urgent medical attention” for an unspecified condition.
Kylah is described as being 5-foot-4 and weighing 130 pounds with block hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is asked to immediately call Cleveland police at (216) 621-1234 for the NCMEC at (800) 843-5678.

Wayfair Child Trafficking

The popular American online furniture retailer Wayfair has come under the fire for allegedly selling humans with their overpriced storage cabinets and utilities. The Wayfair child trafficking scheme drama began with a post on subreddit r/conspiracy. Several children linked to the products are Neriah, Samiyah Mumun, Smara Duplessis, Yaritza Castro, Anabel Wilson, Kylah Coleman missing or found details are available here.
A user had conducted thorough research on the topic and posted several photographs of missing children and their initial name matched with the product names of several Wayfair storage cabinets.
The children missing linked to the alleged Wayfair trafficking scheme are Samiyah Mumin, Yaritza, and Samara Duplessis. You can find more about their wiki, bio, family, missing or found, details below.

Wayfair Child Trafficking Scheme

#Wafair trended on twitter as the users linked the theory to #pizzagate conspiracy.
People shared their foundings on Twitter, several Wayfair products were posted which contained the name of people missing in 2020.

Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory emerged Friday that the Wayfair online store was using the sale of storage cabinets as a cover for child trafficking — which the home decor company immediately denounced as false.

A post on the social media website Reddit noted the high cost of the furniture — along with the fact that each item was identified by a female name — as potential evidence of the purported scandal, Newsweek reported.

The prices for the cabinets — called Alyvia, Neriah, Samiyah, and Yaritza — ranged from $12,699.99 to $14,499.99 each, according to a screenshot posted in the “r/conspiracy” subreddit.

(Wayfair Child Trafficking) Yaritza Castro (Wayfair Child Trafficking) Samiyah Mumin (Wayfair Child Trafficking)

Snopes Theory

Snopes reported on the theory, which involved several others reported missing and questioning whether they were being trafficked by Wayfair. Snopes called the claim “false.”

Snopes reported:

Generally speaking, the images showing expensive cabinets and large price differentials on pillows, shower curtains, and other items on Wayfair’s website are real. However, it takes quite a leap in logic to arrive at the conclusion that this is evidence that the store is engaged in child trafficking.
In fact, the more we pondered this claim, the more nonsensical it appeared. Would a large business really use their official website to allow people to purchase children online? As these items are available to anyone with internet access, wouldn’t it be possible for someone to accidentally become involved in child trafficking? Why would a child trafficking operation use a method that would be so easy to track?
This claim is largely based on the idea that $10,000 is simply too expensive for a cabinet, and that there has to be some other explanation — child trafficking — to justify its cost. In a statement to Newsweek, however, Wayfair noted that these were industrial grade cabinets, and that they had been accurately priced. Wayfair said that they temporarily removed these items, as the accompanying descriptions did not accurately explain the reason for the price point.

Wayfair Statements

Wayfair, the online furniture and home goods retailer, denied a bizarre conspiracy theory that trended on Twitter, claiming the company was behind child sex trafficking and its expensive cabinets were involved. The social media speculation went wild after a Reddit user claimed there was something strange about the cabinets listed on its website for $12,699.99 and $14,99.99. Wayfair later deleted the listings, which only resulted in the conspiracy theory to spiral further.
A company spokesman told there was “no truth” to the claims being spread on social media. “The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced,” the company said. “Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from the site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point.”
The conspiracy can be traced to a Thursday Reddit post showing the utility closets and cabinets priced over $10,000, notes Snopes. The Reddit user provided no evidence. “Is it possible Wayfair involved in Human trafficking with their WFX Utility collection?” the Reddit post read. “Or are these just extremely overpriced cabinets? (Note the names of the cabinets) this makes me sick to my stomach if it’s true :(.” The original Reddit post has over 1,200 comments
Twitter users picked up on the theory, sharing screenshots of other expensive products on the Wayfair site. One Twitter user compared a $99 shower curtain with a $9,999 curtain, which was somehow more “evidence” that Wayfair was working in child trafficking. Others searched for more “evidence,” with some claiming that if you searched for a specific SKU number associated with one of the expensive items, then typed a particular search term before them on a Russian search engine, you will find images of young children. However, Snopes notes that if you include that search team with any random numbers, you get similar results.

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