Who is Peter Sutcliffe Girlfriend: Krystal Smith Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Krystal Smith Bio

Krystal Smith Bio

Krystal Smith was born in 1991. She had been exchanging flirtatious letters with Peter Sutcliffe, 73, and said she wanted to marry him.

Krystal Smith Age

She is 28 years old.

Krystal Smith and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

Ms. Smith began writing to Sutcliffe from her home in North Carolina last year, and it is believed that both said they love each other.

Sutcliffe, who was arrested for killing 13 women in 1981, even asked his ex-wife Sonia for permission to marry again with Krystal Smith.

According to The Sun, the killer told a friend: “She’s a pretty girl. She has mentioned for a while that she wants to be the next wife, Sutcliffe.

Then I said yes. His parents told him they support the wedding. ‘

According to reports, the serial killer is taking a variety of medications to treat respiratory difficulties, high blood pressure, and diabetes. He is almost blind.

Bradford’s former truck driver’s health has deteriorated for years, since 1997, when he lost sight of his left eye after a prisoner attacked him.

An attempt to improve the sight of his right eye this year also proved it.

Between 1976 and 1981 he murdered women who worked primarily as prostitutes, with knives, hammers and screwdrivers.

In 2017, police suggested that he could have killed more than 13 women and questioned him about 17 unresolved cases.

He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but was transferred from the Broadmoor psychiatric clinic to Durham prison last year.

Victim of the Yorkshire Ripper

Sutcliffe, who lived in Bradford, West Yorkshire, believed he was on God’s mission to kill prostitutes, although not all of his victims were sex workers.

His other victims, between the ages of 16 and 47, included two students, an officer, a bank employee and a supermarket employee.

Sutcliffe was called Yorkshire Ripper because he mutilated his victims with a screwdriver, a hammer and a knife.

He was also convicted of seven murders in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Summer 1975: Peter Sutcliffe begins attacking women, two in Keighley and one in Halifax. The three survive and the police do not connect the attacks.

October 30, 1975: Sutcliffe makes his first lethal attack on Wilma McCann, a 28-year-old prostitute from Chapeltown, Leeds.

January 20, 1976: He killed Emily Jackson, 42, of Leeds, hitting her with a hammer and stabbing her with a screwdriver.

February 5, 1977: Kills Irene Richardson, 28, another prostitute from Leeds.

April 23, 1977: Sutcliffe attacks for the first time in his hometown of Bradford and murders Patricia Atkinson, 32.

June 26, 1977: The case is reported to the national press after Sutcliffe murdered Jayne MacDonald, a 16-year-old saleswoman. The murder and the finding that a serial killer is free in Yorkshire shocks the country.

The press refers to the attacker as the Yorkshire Ripper, and West Yorkshire Police Chief Ronald Gregory appoints his senior detective, Deputy Director George Oldfield, to investigate the murders.

October 1, 1977: Sutcliffe selects Manchester for its next attack, against Jean Jordan, 20. He throws his body in a package and throws his bag into nearby bushes with a new 5-pound bill he has given him.

Police find the bag and return the serial number on the payroll receipt of Yorkshire freight agents, T. and W. H. Clark, who employ Peter Sutcliffe.

Sutcliffe is interviewed by the police but provides an alibi to take him to a party.

January 21 to May 16, 1978: Sutcliffe murders three prostitutes: Yvonne Pearson, 21, of Bradford; Helen Rytka (18) of Huddersfield and Vera Millward (40) of Manchester.

April 4, 1979: Sutcliffe kills Josephine Whitaker, a 19-year-old employee of the Halifax Building Society.

June 1979: a man who calls himself Jack the Ripper and has already sent a series of handwritten letters from Sunderland to the police sends a tape.

Deputy Chief of Police Oldfield falsely decides that this is the job of the Ripper. Wearside Jack, as he is called, is being alerted by voice experts from the Castletown district in Sunderland. Detectives are told that they can rule out suspects without an accent of attrition.

July 1979: Police interview Sutcliffe for the fifth time. Detectives Andrew Laptew and Graham Greenwood are suspects, but their report comes because their voice and lyrics do not match the lyrics and the band.

September 2, 1979: Sutcliffe kills Barbara Leach, 20, in Bradford.

20 August 1980: The Ripper claims another victim, Marguerite Walls, 47, from Leeds, followed by Jacqueline Hill, 20, a Leeds University student, on November 17.

November 1980: Detective Chief Superintendent James Hobson replaces Oldfield. Hobson downgrades the importance of the Wearside Jack tape and letters.

3 January 1981: Sutcliffe admits he is the Yorkshire Ripper after police arrest him with a prostitute. Police admit the killer does not have a Wearside accent.

22 May 1981: Sutcliffe is jailed for life at the Old Bailey. The judge recommends a minimum sentence of 30 years. He is transferred to Broadmoor secure hospital in Berkshire in 1984.

24 May 1989: Wife of Sutcliffe wins damages.

21 March 2006: John Humble, a former builder, is sentenced to eight years in prison after he admits to being the Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer known as Wearside Jack.

1 June 2006: A report which has been kept secret for nearly 25 years reveals that Sutcliffe probably committed more crimes than the 13 murders and seven attempted murders for which he was convicted.

April 2017: Sutcliffe is questioned by police officers over 17 unsolved cases that bear similarities to his past crimes. He is not being investigated over any murders and it is unknown which of the incidents police think are linked to the serial killer.

May 2017: Sutcliffe is investigated over the murders of two women in Sweden. Detectives are said to have enquired about the murders of a 31-year-old woman found dead in Gothenburg in August 1980, and a 26-year-old woman found dead in Malmo a month later. Both bodies were found on building sites.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Cheerlader Krystal Smith, 28, exchanged flirty letters with Peter Sutcliffe, 73
  • Previously called her his ‘darling gal’ and the pair were ‘trying to have IVF baby’ 
  • He has reportedly told her she’s ‘in too deep’ and should find someone younger