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Krystal Scott (‘Crazy Cat Killer’) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Krystal Scott (‘Crazy Cat Killer’) Biography, Krystal Scott Wiki

Krystal Cherika Scott of Kokomo, Indiana, has been arrested and charged in connection to the “Crazy Cat Lady,” an anonymous social media user who shared graphic videos and images showing the torture and killings of cats and dogs. The disturbing content was shared online starting in early May. Multiple social media users came together to track down the individual creating and sharing the videos and images.

On July 15, the US Justice Department’s press release from the South Indiana District Attorney’s Office announced that US Lawyer Josh J. Minkler Scott was arrested. According to the version, Scott was accused by the law firm of sharing graphic images and videos depicting “hanging on cats, dogs, skin and other ways of torture and graphic killing”.

He was charged with two counts for making and distributing animal counting videos. Violation is covered by the Animal Prevention and Torture Act, and if convicted of charges, Scott faces up to seven years in prison, three years of probation and a maximum fine of $ 250,000.

“As good people, Minkler has a great responsibility to protect and compassionate animals that live in this world. It is unreasonable to think that any person can bring themselves to such actions on an animal. We cannot allow this behavior in a good and moral society. So Mrs. Scott has to face the results of her elections. ”

Officers Found Animals Parts & Bones, As Well As 12 Live Cats & Other Animals at Scott’s Residence

According to the official’s statement, Scott is accused of creating and sharing videos and images on different social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, from May 3 to at least July 8. Social media users from different platforms working together to identify “Crazy Cat Lady” worked together.

Relevant citizens gathered information and shared it with local law enforcement and the American Animal Persecution Prevention Association. After that, an investigation was opened. On July 14, FBI special agents and other law enforcement officers conducted warrants for Scott’s residence, vehicle, and person.

While searching for Scott’s residence, the authorities found the animal parts and skulls consistent with the size of the cats and dogs. About 12 live cats, three live dogs, and multiple lizards were found in Scott’s home. Saying that the authorities are used to produce and distribute the content, Scott’s cell phone was also seized by law enforcement. Investigators are in the process of analyzing the content of the phone.

Multiple Jurisdictions & Agencies Worked Together in the Investigation

The press release shows that the investigation was carried out by more than one body: Boise, Idaho Police Department, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, FBI Resident Agency in Boise and FBI Indianapolis Field Office. Kokomo Police Department also assisted the investigation.

On 16 June, the Boise Police Department launched an investigation into the graphic content after receiving information from citizens. According to the press release, Boise Police Department Vice President Ron Winegar said, “The Boise Police Department is grateful for playing a role in the investigation of this offensive crime. We were concerned that people from all over the world would contact us about the terrible images they saw on social media. Our officers and detectives worked hard to investigate potential sales in Boise and partnered with the FBI as the investigation grew and moved away from the state. ”

According to the press release, FBI’s Responsible Salt Lake City Special Representative Paul Haertel said, “This case is an outstanding example of public intolerance to animal cruelty and the public’s will to do the right thing. Clues came from all over the world, helping an intense and technically complicated investigation to find the alleged perpetrator and stop the pointless and terrible abuse of innocent animals. ”

In a statement on July 15, FBI Indianapolis’ Special Agent in Charge Paul Kennan said:

Animal abusers have total power over that animal, and if someone is willing to be that curled to an animal, evidence suggests they may target vulnerable humans as well. In November of 2019, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act was passed to address this issue and to assist law enforcement to better target intervention efforts with respect to animal cruelty and the crimes for which it serves as a marker. Our agents and law enforcement partners will continue to work diligently to identify and investigate those who would perpetrate these crimes.