Who is Krystal Lewandowski? (slitting her Daughter,4, throat), Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Krystal Lewandowski? (slitting her Daughter,4, throat), Biography, Wiki

Krystal Lewandowski is a Fort Worth mother who told a 911 dispatcher that she was “advised” to slit her 4-year-old daughter’s throat after first reporting that the little girl was missing.
According to the NBC DFW report, 34-year-old Krystal Lewandowski called the 911 at 11:30 a.m. on Monday morning, saying she last saw the girl in the backyard. When the operator asked more questions, he eventually changed the story. Ok, maybe I should say it now. Okay, so I was suggested to cut his throat last night, ”he said, according to the arrest statement.
The police came and found the girl’s body inside the backyard garbage can that Lewandowski said would put her.
Lewandowski said he killed his daughter the night before.

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“Lewandowski made a few statements about harming his daughter because he was told to do so, or it would be worse,” he said.
Fort Worth police said the victim’s 18-month-old brother was taken into protective custody. The Child Protection Services said the child was not in state custody, but the agency was sure it was safe. The boy was initially hospitalized for evaluation and was not injured.
The CPS also said the family has a history with the organization, but details are not available to the public. However, he had no contact last year.
Lewandowski is accused of murdering a person under the age of 10. Fox4 said it was held with a $ 750,000 bond.