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Who is Kristie Flood Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Kristie Flood Wiki – Kristie Flood Biography

A Georgian babysitter was accused of beating a two-year-old girl to death after she searched her computer for ‘what kind of people like to abuse other people’s children’.


Kristie Flood, 29, is accused of murdering two-year-old Fallon Fridley in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on December 9. The caregiver was a friend of the girl’s family for the past five years.


On December 9, she called Fallon’s mother crying hysterically and said that the toddler was not breathing and crashed into the slide in the park.


The girl was hospitalized but died. Autopsy revealed that he was later beaten to death.


The police then issued a search warrant to call the babysitter’s phone and found out that they were looking for terms that included ‘what kind of people like to harass other people’s children’ and ‘what it means to have a sudden urge to beat a child who isn’t yours’.


Flood was accused of malicious murder, aggravated assault and persecution of 1st degree children. Now he faces life behind bars.


On Facebook, her mother Kristin Gantt posted a photo of her injured arm the day she died and said, ‘I’ll never understand why … why why’. Fly high my angel baby.


It’s unclear what types of injuries Fallon suffered, or whether Flood had their own children.


Friends of the girl’s family are now collecting money to help pay for her funeral.


Fallon was a beautiful girl with all her life ahead. He was only two years old. His brutal, tragic and untimely loss is hard to understand.


‘Our hearts were broken for Kristin and her family and we feel sorry for her right now. Kristin works hard every day to save the lives of the riskiest animals in our community.


It does not deserve to experience this tragedy from all people.


We don’t have the answers, but we do know that we want to do something to help her in making plans for the baby girl’s funeral and paying for the hospital expenses of a child who won’t come home.


Please send a kind message and donate some donation to help this grieving mother who is in need of us right now. We want to support him as he rebuilds today and learns to live a new life in the days to come.


They said, ‘We don’t want him to worry about having money to take care of a funeral, medical expenses, or anything that comes up,’ they said.